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Author Topic: 2016 Panorama  (Read 4983 times)

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Re: 2016 Panorama
« Reply #30 on: February 07, 2016, 01:20:21 AM »
Results from T&T National Panorama Finals Medium and Large Bands categories:-


Placing   Points   Band   "Song" (Singer)   Arranger                                 

1st. 277   Pan Elders   "Me Eh Fighting For No Man" (Bally)   Duvone Stewart
2nd. 271   NLCB Buccooneers   "Bass On Fire" (Kernal Roberts)   Seion Gomez   

3rd. 270   Petrotrin Katzenjammers   "I Donít Mind" (Winston Soso)   Terrence BJ Marcelle
3rd. 270   Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille   "The Ganges and the Nile" (David Rudder)   Ken Professor Philmore

5th. 266   NGC Couva Joylanders   "Come With It" (Black Stalin)   Kareem Brown           

6th. 265   Curepe Scherzando   "Madness" (David Rudder)   Yohan Popwell           

6th. 265   NGC Steel Xplosion   "Wanted Dead Or Alive" (Sparrow)   Arddin Herbert

8th. 264   Melodians   "Fete" (Superblue)   Amrit Samaroo

9th. 261   Carib Dixieland   "Soca Baptist" (Superblue)   Leon Smooth Edwards
10th. 258   West Side Symphony   "Dead Or Alive" (Shurwayne Winchester)   Mickiel Gabriel                                 

Placing   Points   Band   "Song" (Singer)   Arranger                                 

1st. 285   Desperadoes   "Different Me" (5 Star Akil)   Carlton Zanda Alexander
2nd. 284   SuperNovas   "Breakthrough" (Chuck Gordon)   Amrit Samaroo
3rd. 283   Phase II Pan Groove   "Madd Music" (Keith Lucas)   Len Boogsie Sharpe

3rd. 283   bpRenegades   "Music Inside Meh Head" (Nadia Batson)   Duvone Stewart

5th. 281   CAL Invaders   "Take Dat" (RemBunction & Terri Lyons)   Arddin Herbert

6th. 280   Massy Trinidad All Stars   "Leave We Alone" (Sheldon Reid)   Leon Smooth Edwards

7th. 277   PSC Nitrogen Silver Stars   "Panoramic" (Sekon Sta)   Liam Teague

8th. 276   RBC Redemption Sound Setters   "No No We Ainít Going Home" (Tambu)   Michael Toby/Darren Sheppard

9th. 272   NLCB Fonclaire   "Bass On Fire" (Kernal Roberts)   Ken Professor Philmore

10th. 266   Skiffle Steel Orchestra   "How She Like It" (Hypa Sounds)   Kendall Williams/Marc Brooks/Odie Franklin
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Re: 2016 Panorama
« Reply #31 on: February 07, 2016, 07:00:04 AM »
Congrats to the respective winners! Despers came hard indeed.

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Re: 2016 Panorama
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