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Author Topic: Illicit Capital, Organized crime, Tv Host, Battered Wives & Sherons Auto  (Read 5945 times)

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By Pearce Robinson

Speak Out T&T Forget the Television gimmicks, lets make sure Rachael Sukhdeo gets the justice she deserves. Further, let's start exposing more of these men, draining our nations economy. For those of you who haven't seen the background article, please read here:

Sheron Sukhdeo, is probably the most successful businessman in Trinidad & Tobago, I mean people buy from him every single day and spend millions of US$ dollars, he certainly projects that in profits annually or does he?, heck he's even doing better than more reputable car distributors like Toyota Trinidad, except his books aren't so open. Are we missing something here?

For or anyone who didn't know, Mr. Sukhdeo is the man behind Sheron's Auto & Real Estate in Chaguanas. This business is the point of reference for anyone who wants to know how front businesses operate in the illicit world of serious and organized crime. The average person looking on, this company is one of the most successful used car dealers in central, the country and well the entire region. So successful that its owner has drummed up a fleet of multimillion US$ cars, yachts and properties. Heck... The guy even built himself a palatial mansion. If MTV Cribs were in Chaguanas, Trinidad they'd ask him, so how did you do it all Mr Sukhdeo, how did you build such an empire in such a short space of time? what was your niche, your secret? He'd tell us what they all tell us, that it was his hard work, business skill and tireless effort that brought him his wealth... It's as if they all read from the same book of operation. What they can't do is show us anything credible, it's all just face value business, so good that you just can't believe it.

I hasten to point out, that the flow of illicit capital whether it is being washed through casinos, supermarkets, diesel rackets, black market forex traders and used car dealerships is having a negative effect on the ‪#‎globaleconomy‬, it distorts overall economic activity, creating a ripe environment for ‪#‎moneylaundering‬ and has the effect of draining a considerable amount of wealth from ‪#‎developingeconomies‬ like Trinidad & Tobago, which in turn inflates the very cost of living for all of the people, everywhere. Let's face it, why wouldn't you want to launder money in Trinidad & Tobago, after all it makes you big friends in the police who overlook certain things (such as battery) for a little payroll and very close 'crime fronting' TV hosts, all this while you have a wife that is beaten, slammed and jammed. When you're a quote unquote 'BIG WIG' you have a free pass to do as you please. Life seems unfair to those who you capture, they feel like there's no recourse, no justice and so they take all that's left, risking themselves and their safety to raise awareness of their plight, by posting bruised and battered photos of their body. Had Rachael not done this, nobody would've known she's been going through 12 years of consistent battery by an 'UNTOUCHABLE'. Speak Out T&T personally reached out to Rachael Sukhdeo to ensure her safety and she replied, we then lost contact.

From corrupt politicians who you helped in the By-Election, drug cartels, hired killers, stolen and sold cars, to offshore journeys, a lavish lifestyle, cars for friends, big London visits, super cars, bigger than life events and a skewed attempt at social responsibility with charitable christmas drives proped up by dirty laundered money. Gosh... Sounds horrible doesn't it.... Terrible if it were real.... Hang on a second!!! It is real and it is happening every single day, right before our eyes. Business like this keep going and distorting our nations economy, draining its wealth. The ordinary man gets the wrap and feels the pain. Not those white collar criminals receiving the goodies from nefarious activities, they get to live like a celebrity. A lot of money ends up untraced through corporate bribes, cash in hand, funnelling and embezzlement. Needless to say, some of your friends who are on your payroll show up on TV regularly purporting to fight crime, but when the evening dawns, and the curtains are draw shut, intimacy is the order of the night. Let us shame these CROOKS!!!
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Heard on the radio that Sheron was killed yesterday.