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Football Factory Thread
« on: November 28, 2012, 08:05:55 PM »
I honestly slipping with TT football, especially the lower divisions. I did not know Terry Fenwick has a team called Football Factory,playing in the NFA. From today's Guardian.


Greedy’ Peters helps factory stay on top

A close range effort from Keon “Greedy” Peters with ten minutes left in regulation time salvaged a point to keep Football Factory undefeated at the top of the Northern Football Association (NFA) Big-Four competition as they held St Francois to a 1-1 draw on Sunday.

At St Mary’s College Ground, Serpentine Road, home club Football Factory, led by former Pro League coach Terence Fenwick in its debut season, took a step further en route to the Champions of Champions competition, a qualifier for the National Super League, with the draw, albeit with a man down for almost the entire match.
It took five minutes before Football Factory was set on the back foot with the ejection of Oswin Williams, who, according to the head match official, was guilty of dissent. Williams originally received a yellow card, which was followed by a red after he repeatedly questioned the referee about his decision, despite being warned.
St Francois subsequently opened with a wonderful long-range effort from Marcus Roberts ten minutes into the second half. But, Football Factory, which did well on the attack despite a numerical disadvantage levelled the score in the 80th minute, when Peters, a former St Mary’s College attacker tapped in from close range after the St Francois goalkeeper parried the original shot from Reagan Gaulteau.
The sound of the final whistle confirmed Football Factory would remain undefeated in all three of its Big-Four matches, as with St Francois. Football Factory leads the pack with seven points, followed by St Francois, which sits on five with one win and two draws.
The day’s other result saw Queen’s Park Cricket Club (QPCC) take its first victory in the Big-Four, via a 3-1 triumph over winless Petit Valley. Eric Charles got Petit Valley’s only goal, while a double from Vladimir Suite and a lone item from Keegan Rattan secured QPCC’s win.
Action will continue today with the fourth round of matches, when Football Factory will be seeking to complete a second victory away to the struggling Petit Valley team at the Diego Martin North Recreation Ground at 3.30 pm, while St Francois and QPCC lock horns at St Francois Ground, at the same time.
Teams  Pld  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
F/Factory  3  2  1  0  4  2  7
St Francois  3  1  2  0  5  3  5
QPCC  3  1  1  1  4  3  4
Petit Valley  3  0  0  3  3  8  0

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Re: Football Factory
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2012, 08:29:45 PM »
I honestly slipping with TT football, especially the lower divisions.

People does forget dat dis website is more dan just de forum. Yuh could find all de minor league news right here: http://socawarriors.net/league/league-news/minor-leagues.html
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Re: Football Factory
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2017, 01:53:26 AM »
Nestlé gives $.2m to Football Factory
T&T Express Reports.

Nestlé has announced an increase in its sponsorship to the tune of $200,000 throughout 2017 to help the Football Factory coaching school expand its activities. Nestlé will also provide MILO milk drinks, t-shirts and kit.

The Football Factory caters to children as young as four, right up to 24. They train on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, all year round and along the way, they learn life skills through the power of football.


Nestlé renew deal with Football Factory
T&T Newsday Reports.

WHAT IF there was a programme that gave underprivileged children a chance to make it to the big leagues in international football? It’s a dream that’s coming true, thanks to a partnership between Nestlé and the Football Factory Football Academy.

That partnership began in August 2016, when Nestlé helped the Football Factory host a successful summer camp that helped 40 at-risk children from Carenage, Laventille, Morvant and other areas. Since then the Club has expanded significantly, and now trains almost 200 young players, up from 140.

Recently, Nestlé announced an increase in its sponsorship: In addition to providing MILO milk drinks and sponsoring T-shirts and kit, Nestlé will invest $200,000 throughout 2017 to help the Football Factory expand its activities.

Founder and coach of the Football Factory, Terry Fenwick, said football camps with Manchester City FC and Manchester United FC are in the pipeline, as well as partnerships with United States schools to offer talented kids scholarships. “Trinidad and Tobago’s footballers are naturally very quick and strong, and, because we tend to play on uneven ground, very agile.

These are attributes that top clubs are looking for,” Fenwick added.

“Here at Nestlé, we are driven by a simple purpose: enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future,” said the company’s Corporate Communications Manager, Denise d’Abadie.

“The Football Factory offers these youngsters a chance to have fun in a safe, supervised environment, and in some cases, puts them on the path to professional football. It’s a perfect fit for us.” The Football Factory caters to children as young as four, right up to age 24. They train on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, all year round and along the way, they learn life skills through the power of football.

According to Fenwick, a former Tottenham Hotspur and England defender, “our goal is to teach the kids discipline and leadership, and to help them learn to communicate, so that they have a better chance of succeeding in life

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Re: Football Factory Thread
« Reply #3 on: July 20, 2020, 01:41:56 PM »
Dear Editor: Football Factory breaking FIFA's regulation for own interest.

A Message to all young football players and their parents in Trinidad and Tobago. Below is a Terry Fenwick’s WhatsApp message to parents.

“Good evening parents, something I need to get off my chest.... Football clubs around the world even social development clubs like Football Factory Academy are being asked to become “compliant” with FIFA regulations that prevent senior and young players who are engaged with a club from being POACHED by another club during a season.

Players/parents everywhere in the world are being asked to sign registration forms with whichever clubs they are training and playing for. This registration protects players young and old from being “illegally” poached by other clubs during a season and it stops the underhanded methods some of these clubs/persons engage. COVID-19 has held up this process this year but these rules and regulations are on the way.
Whilst I do not wish to stop or hinder players in their endeavours at all I am totally against these back door approaches and the tricky manner in which these clubs are engaging in POACHING!

As a matter of courtesy, other clubs should approach either myself or Tanya to direct their interest, I would then engage you parents first and give my advice before you guys make a decision for your child.

I am aware of multiple situations concerning FFF over a long time, I have not engaged but I WILL in the future because I believe it has a negative impact on all concerned and in particular the kids.

I am happy to discuss if you wish.”


Things to note in the above Statement

1. Football Factory is a social development club as admitted by founder and coach, Terry Fenwick.

2. Football Factory it appears is not registered as a club with the TTFA and playing as a team in organised football in Trinidad and Tobago.

3. Football factory is accusing clubs of poaching its players who are aware are paying a fee to be trained.

After you have read the information provided below a conclusion is provided for your edification


Below are excerpts from the latest on Regulations on the Status and transfer of players.

March 2020 from FIFA 5 Registration

1. Each association must have an electronic player registration system, which must assign each player a FIFA ID when the player is first registered. A player must be registered at an association to play for a club as either a professional or an amateur in accordance with the provisions of article.

2. Only electronically registered players identified with a FIFA ID are eligible to participate in organised football. By the act of registering, a player agrees to abide by the FIFA Statutes and regulations, the confederations and the associations.

2. A player may only be registered with a club for the purpose of playing organised football. As an exception to this rule, a player may have to be registered with a club for mere technical reasons to secure transparency in consecutive individual transactions (cf. Annexe 3).

3. A player may only be registered with one club at a time.

7 Player passport

The registering association is obliged to provide the club with which the player is registered with a player passport containing the relevant details of the player. The player passport shall indicate the club(s) with which the player has been registered since the season of his 12th birthday. If a birthday falls between seasons, the player passport shall indicate the club with which he was registered during the season following his birthday.

11 Unregistered players

Any player not registered at an association who appears for a club in any official match shall be considered to have played illegitimately. Without prejudice to any measure required to rectify the sporting consequences of such an appearance, sanctions may also be imposed on the player and/or the club. The right to impose  such sanctions lies in principle with the association or the organiser of the competition concerned.

19bis Registration and reporting of minors at academies

1. Clubs that operate an academy with legal, financial or de facto links to the club are obliged to report all minors who attend the academy to the association upon whose territory the academy operates.

2. Each association is obliged to ensure that all academies without legal, financial or de facto links to a club: a) run a club that participates in the relevant national championships; all players shall be reported to the association upon whose territory the academy operates, or registered with the club itself; or b) report all minors who attend the academy for the purpose of training to the association upon whose territory the academy operates.

3. Each association shall keep a register comprising the names and dates of birth of the minors who have been reported to it by the clubs or academies.

4. Through the act of reporting, academies and players undertake to practise football in accordance with the FIFA Statutes, and to respect and promote the ethical principles of organised football.

5. Any violations of this provision will be sanctioned by the Disciplinary Committee in accordance with the FIFA Disciplinary Code. 6. Article 19 shall also apply to the reporting of all minor players who are not nationals of the country in which they wish to be reported.


As noted Football Factory in not a registered club within the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) as are many similar organisations, and does not participate in organised football. Therefore the issue of poaching does not arise and youth players are free to move to any club of their choice with the advice of their parents in order to be properly registered and to be able to legitimately participate in organised football in the country as stipulated by FIFA.

There is no such thing as poaching of young players by clubs since under the FIFA regulations clubs are protected by the Training and Compensation mechanism for young players between the age 12 and 23. (Hence the stipulation/obligation for a player passport to be provided upon a player’s registration-See above 7. Player Passport) -

Of note here is that a player’s development is only recognised by FIFA from age 12. Football Factory not being a registered club cannot withhold any youth player and cannot qualify in its current state to receive training and compensation for its young players. Even so based on information gathered, parents are paying a monthly fee for their children being trained at Football Factory. For Fenwick to be against what he
has described as back door approaches is totally out of line in this regard and to insist that clubs talk to him or Tanya first, appears to represent his own self interest.

As noted before that choice to play with any club rests with the parents of a child who is under 18. It is simple, if Fenwick and Football Factory or any other similar type of football school in Trinidad and Tobago want to protect their interest then he/they should register as a Club or Academy and be subjected to all the requirements needed to be met under the FIFA/CONCACAF guidelines related to clubs being registered with its local FA, in order to be able to take part in local competitions under the auspices of the local FA. One of that major requirement is being club licenced. This requires the need for the provision certain documents such as audited financial statements, insurances among other things to become licensed and to be eligible to operate as a recognised club.

All youth players who are duly registered with a club recognised by the TTFA and want to register and play for another club, must be transferred and such a transfer request made under the full knowledge and permission of the parent/s of the player cannot be denied by the transferring club as long as the player is not under written contract. Presently the person who manages the TTFA FIFA Connect System must administer the registration and transfer process.

Please be so guided. Please note that Youth Players cannot be put on loan from one Club to another.

Concern Citizen
Trinidad & Tobago.

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