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Author Topic: sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly  (Read 826 times)

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sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly
« on: June 14, 2017, 02:30:40 PM »
Well guys i could have told you way before last night or even last week what would have been the out come of these two matches, for the matter the whole hexagonal.

as usual i made no attempts to follow these games including yesterday because i already knew that we would find a way to lose or the other team would find a way to win, and that's how it has always been.

i remember the days when nakid, el cock, angus eve and dwarika would travel to mexico, CR,HON, canada and put in a heartical effort only to fall short due to some lapse in concentration by the way of a defensive error and all that hard work and pretty football was rendered useless.

looking back on those days it seem to me that absolutely nothing has changed!! we go to these places and play our hearts out (at least the strike squad and the guys that follow them), only to get edged out by a silly nonsensical basic error by players who should know better.

now 28 years later the US could implement the same exact formula they explored to beat us in 1989 to the present, that's because we insist on the same lazy tactics by depending on foreign leagues to develop our players.

after 1989 we should have rearranged our football development programs to insist that 1989 never happened to us again. of course we had AJ warner to ensure that proper developmental programs never came to fruition because he was busy being an ole nayger stuffing his face with FIFA money and too busy stealing to worry about anything else,

but what i can't get is why for the life of me did the private sector and other football stalwarts stood idly by and allow this carnage to take place?

today there are one or two private coaching schools in our nation, but nothing like a live in full scale developmental academy the like of what we have in spain italy and england. it's very hard to take but remember CR, US, MEX and HUN, have these schools in place and they are spending big big bucks on football through the private sector while we kicksin and liming.

another thing that is glaringly obvious is how this new crop of footballers lack heart and determination, and it clearly shows in their body language. this morning i decided to sit down and watch a recording of the game with my pops and from the first goal i got up and walked away.

imagine conceding a set piece in the first minute, but even more shockingly is how no one cared to mark the goal scorer who just took his sweet time walked up and headed the ball past a stationary goal tender who made no effort to come for the ball but instead stay on the line, and i could say with certainty had that been tim howard, or navas they would have at least distracted the player and he would have had to really produce some magic to get on the score board

i said then and i'll say it now that our main concern should not begging to a world cup, but concentrating on producing capable players for the next generation who would make our nation prod, players who care, real sportsmen and women, instead of a bunch of mercenaries who makes bacchanal for money every time an important game/tournament comes around.

as for dennis lawrence, i say keep this guy!! he was very impressive in the results he got thus far. i would like to see him at the helm for another two years, it seem like he has the ear of the players.

as for those who felt good about another close game, aren't you guys tired of losing, what about playing bad but winning instead of competing well and getting nothing for all that effort? not even a point was accomplished in five games.

at this stage i don't give a phat monkey's arse if we qualify for the WC or not, i would like to see this problem fixed permanently the we are not so doggone predictable especially after 28 years, and that we have a continuum of metal developed players who could dominate CFU and concacaf before we step out and try to qualify against countries who has done their home work. until some body who has the power to change that obvious flaw recognizes that and did something about it, we will always go to places like CR, the US, and MEX and come away with nothing.
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Re: sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2017, 02:34:24 AM »
What we keeping Tallest for? After we get eliminated he should ride out, he's not ready for this level, Hart was the only one who could take us there
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