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Author Topic: Top 5 most influential people in sport under 30  (Read 633 times)

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Top 5 most influential people in sport under 30
« on: December 30, 2016, 02:30:54 PM »
Top 5 most influential people in sport under 30

TBL Sports Management has assessed the most influential persons in sports in Trinidad and Tobago under 30.

The researchers included Dr Vilde Menezesof Brazil and his research team from the Labgespp, a sport management and public policy laboratory based in Brazil.

Here are the names in ascending order.

5. Allan Crane (Power= Service), the most sort after Sports Photographer is a 29-year-old. Allan has taken a hobby and his love for sports and turned it into a full-time business. Every sporting event, from primary school sports to gala events to even the Olympics, this young man and his company CA Images have left their mark. The ´man behind the lens´ has been fortunate to capture most of our sports heroes both locally and internationally. His influence continued to grow in 2016 having done work for the likes of TTOC, TTFA, TT Pro league and being part of several teams and contingents that travelled through sport competing, Crane has now put himself as an essential part of any sporting event locally and internationally, more so if T&T is playing a part.

4. Thema Williams (Power= Media), her name may be synonymous with the biggest sports drama for the year 2016 but this has made her more popular than ever. The lone female in the list is 20-year-old Thema, an elite gymnast has now graced every major newspaper, been interviewed by every television station and been the talking point of every radio program. Despite her misfortune, she returned to Trinidad to a hero's welcome and saw several campaigns and movements formed in support of her. Thema has now used her time to develop her brand, get involved in several charitable events and social activities. She has now become the most sought after model for brand promotion, with carnival bands and magazines leading the charges.

3. Narada Wilson (Power= Diplomacy), a Brazil-educated Sports Executive and one of the integral The Brazil Link (TBL) Ltd. team members. Narada has negotiated some of the best contracts for Trinidadian and even South American footballers over the years. 2016 was another profitable year, with the Rio 2016 games offering the need for services in travel, education and sport. His knowledge in international sport dealings again made him one of the most sought after persons locally. After working and consulting for the World Cup 2014 Committee in Brazil, T&T’s Beach Soccer, Futsal, Women football, Pro-league, Senior Men’s National football team, he now adds the Olympic Committee. TBL continues to dominate and increase its client portfolio and Wilson is just 28-years-old.

2. Andrew Lewis (Power=Corporate), the 27-year-old, two-time Olympic Sailor makes the list again due to his corporate appeal. Andrew continues to fly the flag internationally at various sailing events. Continuously gaining the attention of large companies such as Blink/ bmobile, Republic Bank, Atlantic LNG and more recently Flow, added to constant support from the Ministry of Sport and SPORTT.  Despite suffering a near fatal accident months ago, this young man was able to return to action and participate at the Rio 2016 games and even share his story with the entire nation, making him a face that is known by all and high on the marketability list. With close to 4000 followers on Twitter, and his work with several social projects, Lewis’ reach continues to grow.

1. Keshorn Walcott (Power=Olympian), Now a double Olympic medal holder. At just 23-years-old, he was Trinidad and Tobago´s only medalist at the Rio 2016 games and continues to embody all the traits of a world-class athlete and true Olympian. Winning these prestigious medals have put Walcott in a class by himself. Countless of accolades and gifts have followed him since his glory in 2012. A lighthouse and school in his name, land and other financial rewards propelling him to being one of the most influential voices in the country, more recently shown in lending support of his fellow National athlete´s concerns with the direction of local sports. Walcott has sponsorship deals from telecommunication giant TSTT, American Stores and Nike. A social media following of over 56,000 people.

BY: Loop News