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« on: April 13, 2019, 09:43:53 AM »
The 2019 YPL league championship normally runs from March to May, followed by the YPL Cup competition from May 26 to June 16. Basically, 2 & a 1/2 months of football....

The 2019 SSFL normally kicks of in September and run through December with Inter-Col and league competition included.

Why not have the SSFL teams represent the Pro League Club at the YPL level, both boys and, girls?

This way the youth players coming up are playing regular football throughout the year and not only this, we could see more girl teams involved. All these Pro League clubs will now have youth girl teams too.

Have the schools closest to where the club are based form an affiliation with the them.

For example, teams could carry the names like Carapichaima East Central FC, St. Anthony's Jabloteh, Presentation Club Sando, Naparima Civic Centre, East Mucurapo Morvant United, San Juan North AIA, St Augustine NE Stars, Arima North Rosa, etc, you can even add more teams to the competition....

Play games on weekends so it doesn't affect school studies.

I feel we have to many small leagues in T&T that ultimately affect the development, structure and support for football at the highest level.

We should have from

SSFL/YPL - U-13 to U-18


Zones - N, S, E, W & Tobago, top 2 winners in each Zones Promoted to Division 2

Then same, Promotion to Division 1

Then same, Promotion to Pro League/Super League.

Both promotion and relegation system in all division works simultaneously.

Food for thoughts..

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