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Author Topic: Neighbours and Test cricketers.  (Read 8522 times)

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Re: Neighbours and Test cricketers.
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Guys, Sheldon was one of the nicest senior players in QRC. He was real approachable. He interacted with the lower formers and joked with them. Stephen Gomez was another fun guy. Remembered him playing scooch with us. Sheldon was an excellent striker. Scored plenty goal for  us in his senior year. But his heart was in cricket. He was on the TT U-19 team. He, Bernad Julien, Richard Gabriel made the TT Shell Shield team. But he could never get off the mark in the regional games. He made about 3 consecutive ducks. It messed up his cinfidence. But when the WI played TT, he was selected 12th man because of his excellent fielding. It was real painful for we QRC boys. But he is really a nice dude.

What you are saying about Sheldon does not surprise me. I interviewed his brother Larry back around 1996/97. The man was the nicest most down to earth fella you could ever want to meet. And I have interviewed a lot of nice people. No offence to them but Larry was so cool and humble.


The 3 Gomes boys were real cool. I did not know Larry on a personal level, but seeing him on TV and in interviews, he reminds me a lot of Sheldon. I played one u-14 game against the youngest bother(Randy, I think) who went Saints. He was a cool guy also.


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