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Author Topic: The current political parties are the custodians for the former colonials...  (Read 566 times)

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People doubted me as usual and as usual end up eating crow ...

The narrow mindedness of our people is astounding. Lambasting and gnashing of teeth when someone says the government are sell outs and are on the side of fifa creates tension and anger for those who are brainwashed in and out of TT that vote and vote for the pnm or unc.

But this is all about the pnm right now and itís history of selling out and destroying our nation. Rowley has shown where his allegiance lies, and that is not with the people and ttfa. Rowley is looking bad now, heís saving face and wants to ensure to his superiors that the local revolutionaries are under control.

He has shown his true colours, of course the supporters will rush to this thread and defend him, I expect that from those who are less intelligent and blindly support those who oppress them...

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I am usually a firm believer in Dr. Rowley...but this is now the 2nd time that i have to question his judgement. What is more important....bending over and letting FIFA 'give it to you'.... for the sake of a few dollars ??? Or standing up to the oppression of your people  ???
At this point I really don't care to be a member of FIFA if this is how they treat its members.
Why should I only aspire to be recognized by a bully. Have I no self esteem ???
Ok so FIFA are the owners of some would  have us believe..... but didn't the Government of TnT give the TTFA a job to do ???? To administrate football in TnT ??? Even before it became a member of FIFA ???
Who was paying the coaches then ???
Why is it ULTIMATELY FIFA's responsibility to fund the TTFA ???
If the debt was created while using FIFA funding then who's responsibility does that fall under ???
If you are unhappy with the performance of one of your members...the same way you worked hand in hand with them to incur the debt.....why not work hand in hand to clear that debt ???  crack your wipp and get rid of the people in charge....and replace them with people who have no affiliation or previous desire to serve our people.
If FIFA really cared about football...or even their money....they would have acted in a better manner.
I am sure that if the money was owed to FIFA the approach would have been different. Their pumping of money into Trinidad and Tobago football was a calculated ploy not to the development of the game here.....but to control the "Big Fish"(one of) in CFU to control votes....

If Watson Duke the, ultimate bully, had any 'testicular fortitude' he would have been all over this. Not even Kamala you hearing.

Please be respectful if you disagree with me because I have become very emotional about football in the years since I have started coaching youths. One of the reasons that I don't post as much.

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Well said rasta ! The elected leader of our beloved country by his outlandish comments seem to think abuse is acceptable , what a damn shame ...... FIFA has undoubtedly shown complete disdain , disrespect for our courts and the rule  of law , as well as for a duly elected body and all of Trinidad & Tobago , yet the prime minister perch atop his podium has chosen the same arrogant response as Fifa ! Mister prime minister we will not be bullied nor be disrespected by you or Fifa !


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