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Author Topic: Blood in Boots (BOB) Time - THE WARRIORS WILL NOT BE DENIED  (Read 567 times)

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« on: November 13, 2005, 07:40:48 AM »
Fellas nothing much has changed. The equation is the same - Beat bahrain= WC Germany. There was no realistic result yesterday that would have made us comfortable today. It was always going to be close and the only problem with 1-1 is that Bahrain will waste time from minute one. Also they will take yellow cards and face a possible WC suspension, so I expect plenty gamesmanship and nasty play. On the other hand we haven't lost anyone and if we have to start the first game of a WC without 8 of our guys it is worth it because at least we make the WC. This is real "blood in boots" time

We can beat this side - Literally. We haven't had a side eat shake so in a long time and that gave us confidence but we didn't capitalize. Often we just dribbled into trouble, not into space, and not to play the ball off constructively. We need to get the mix right in the second leg. We would beat into th ebox and then try a poor cross. If we get into the box and is only Stern or Latas, this is the time to take on the last man to make space for a easy pass, win a penalty or win a corner.

Which brings me to Carlos - You are crossing with your head down. You can't do that when you have one man in the box. Pick your head up. Yuh beat one man back and forth four times if you get to the byline take your time and get a good cross in.

Stern - From the time a cross reaches its high point you should know where it is goindg to drop. You cannot wait behind the defender, hoping for him to miss it. You have to challenge for it. You are the only man in the box it is not going to just fall to you every time. Force them to make a mistake. Make something happen.

The opposite is for the defence - Man does miss headers. You cannot stand behind your defender with two Bahrain men expecting him to get the ball. You have to challenge too. We had eleven heroes against Mexico and we need eleven against bahrain. Do not shirk responsibility. We come too far for that. Also if you are marking zone and there is one man playing between the zones and looking for their outlet passes, stay with the man. Don't expect him to go into a next man zone, talk to each other and pick him up, that way the pass doesn't come or isn't effective.

Latapy - Bahrain obviously watched our games before Latapy joined the team. They realize that if he doesn't get a chance to play we don't do our best work. Everytime he got the ball the closest man rushed to close him down and then other men's markers would come and double team and triple team him. Latas needs to recognize this and play it off faster, Whitley Yorke, Birchall and Stern need to fill the open spaces. Latas should not even have to look for them, just play it into vacated space.

Yorke - Yorke plays midfield for us. If we need a second striker, he is not the man. He is just not mobile enough. We better off playing John or Glenn upfront with Stern.

Whitley - Keep doing what you are doing, best player on the night. You prove again why you are the only local based in the side and yuh show that you are coming into your own. With you the future is bright.

And for the team - I know you guys are committed and everybody wants to go to the WC. Yes it is the pinnacle of your career and the TTFF will make plenty money. The people will be happy and there will be plenty fete.


you guys showed supreme discipline, application and teamwork in our last two wins. That is so rare for us as a collection of people. If we do that again Bahrain cannot stop us. If we do that again we will be living examples of DISCIPLINE, PRODUCTION AND TOLERANCE - TOGETHER WE ASPIRE AND TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE.

It could be an example for all Trinis of what we can do when we face adversity, make sacrifices, work hard and never give up.