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Author Topic: Bahrain turn now  (Read 720 times)

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Bahrain turn now
« on: November 13, 2005, 08:33:43 AM »
They have to deal with the home pressure.
The fact that this last game is key puts the pressure squarely on them.

Let them figure out how to deal with a packed stadium crazy fan support ticket avalibility etc.

This will be their Nov 19th

a 1-1 draw though disapointed for TNT is not an advantage for them.
The biggest plus they have right now is that they just did this versus Uze so they will have confidence.

But we did have at least 4 Goal scoring chances in this game so we could easily have won the game 5-1
and i really cannot see them totally dominating the home leg. ( their tactics and ability do not suggest that)

TnT Home game is over we have the second leg to recover from our mistakes Bahrain mistakes will be Final as their is no tomorrow after their home game.

Bahrain is under pressure for this whole game
even a 2-0 lead will still have them edgy because if TnT were to tie 2-2 we will go through.

In close series teams playing home second legs are at a disavantage because of the away goals rule.

Our Game plan is simple

Play they same way we did in the first leg and hopefully we will put away our chances

Bahrain is in a catach 22 pressure situation because it would be Mad to try to defend for 90 mins at home and at the same time they will want to at least mount some good attacks.

After the game they will know that they cannot totally dominate TNT at home because our attack is deadly
But even if they were to score a goal it changes nothing because we still will be pushing forward to score because our tactics is fixed.

Man U Porto is a good example of how the second leg at home could kill you.

Man U play all over porto away and dominate the game at home.
A last minute free kick from mccarty and a fumble from Howard and Mourinho becomes the best coach in the world.

TNT major disadvantage is adjusting to the time differnce which these england based men should be able to do.

Football is a precarious sport.

Bahrain turn now.

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Re: Bahrain turn now
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2005, 08:48:29 AM »

But we did have at least 4 Goal scoring chances in this game so we could easily have won the game 5-1

So your saying that its possible for your warriors to have a 100% shoot scoring rate?