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Author Topic: All ah allyuh who ...  (Read 752 times)

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All ah allyuh who ...
« on: November 13, 2005, 10:35:12 AM »
stop believing could HYMC.

Why? ....

Yes, we didn't play the football that the DIE HARD FANS expected, or get the result that the TEAM needed.
So what? .... we have ANOTHER chance.

We know their weaknesses: their keeper cannot hold; their only form of attack is the counter and dead ball; Their so-called speedy forwards cannot control the ball; their defenders cannot pass; they cannot effectively clear the ball from the defenders; their midfield is non-existent, except when defending.

Yes, they swamp Stern, Dwight and Latas ..... but Birchall, Whitely, Spann and Edwards give them something extra to think about.
So what? .... they going to mark all of them too? ..... not happening.
We will get space off the ball ... men need to start making some early movement .. and once you get a clear shot - is trigger time.

We could have scored many times: Birchall's first laser. Edwards toepee with just he and keeper. Brichall's cross to header that got cleared off the line. Dwight turn and shoot from 6 yards. Dwight's shot that just miss the keeper right. Stern's muffed header.
The opportunites are clearly there ... we WILL CONVERT.

We will be with our inspirational captian - Bahrain will NOT have their captain thru suspension.

Last nite, I think I was emotionally drained after the game, but I wake up this morning - feeling recharged and in FULL VIBES IT UP mode.

If yuh sour ..... flecking go somewhere else til Wednesday afternoon.

From now til then .... is STRICTLY VIBSING IT UP.