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Author Topic: Puerto Rican joke  (Read 3550 times)

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Puerto Rican joke
« on: December 04, 2005, 02:03:23 PM »
A Puerto Rican Stays in a Hotel in New York

 This is rell funny!!!!

 (don't forget...in Spanish the J has the H sound...so hotel is jotel
and this guy says piss for piece or peace)
This is a letter from a Puerto Rican... who didn't know how to express himself in English.
Dier Senior Gerente Jotel: Now I am tell yu di story jau I was treated at yor jotel. I cum from Puerto Rico as touris to Niu Yol and estay at yor jotel. When I cum in my room I see der is no shit in my bed. How can I sleep with no shit in my bed?
Ay col down de ricepchon and tell dem: -"I wanna shit". Dey tell me "Go to the toilet".. I sey "No, no, I wanna shit in my bed". Dey sey "You betta not shit in yor bed, you sonnawabitch".
What is that of sonnawabitch?. I go down for di restoran for breikfast. I order beicon and eggs and two pisses of toast, I getta only one piss oftoast. I tell di waitress and I points to toast.
"I wanna piss". She tella me Go to the toilet"... I say "No, No, I wanna piss on my plate". She den say to me: "You piss on yor plate, I col da cops, you sonnawabitch".
Secon person who don even know me, and chi col me sonnawabitch! What is that of sonnawabitch?
Later I go a dinner into restoran. Spoon and knife is der but no f**k. I tell di waitress "I wanna f**k!", and she tell me:-
"Sure, everybody wanna f**k".. I tell her "No, no, you don onderstand me. I wanna f**k on di table". She den tell me "So you sonnawabitch, you wanna f**k on de table? 
Get yur ass out of here". So I go to di ricepchon and ask for di bil. I no wanna stay in dis jotel no more.
When I have pay di bil, the porter say to me: "Thank you and piss be with you". I say "piss on you too, you sonnawabitch!
"If I go back to Guaynabo City , I'll never more comma stay in your jotel, you sonnawabitch.
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Re: Puerto Rican joke
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2005, 07:52:44 PM »
Bien vale ok very good
I'll send it to all my spannish friends ;D
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Re: Puerto Rican joke
« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2005, 07:21:19 AM »
I saw this show on cable, this was one of his better ones!!

ah loved it!!
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