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Author Topic: true trini when yuh...  (Read 1465 times)

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true trini when yuh...
« on: December 22, 2005, 07:52:11 AM »
>Yuh know how to mop a drop.
>Yuh know how to make almost falling down a part of yuh walk.
>Yuh could point with yuh mouth.
>Yuh have a 'jep ness' in yuh gallery. Yuh get sting by them same 'jep' and try to kill the jep wit ah coconut broom and get sting again
>Yuh put ketchup and pepper sauce on yuh Mario's pizza
>Yuh does bite up chicken bone then spit it back on de plate even if eating
>Yuh eat bread and condense milk already.
>Yuh eat roti.
>Yuh make 'bun up' roti.
 >Yuh does call any hot drink 'tea'.
 >Yuh does dip yuh bread in yuh tea.
 >Yuh does say 'boi' at the start of a sentence.
>Yuh does say 'man' at the end of the sentence.
>Yuh does get 'vex' not angry.
>Yuh does call any vaccination an 'injection'.
 >Yuh does say "SO LONG" instead of saying "YES I'M DONE"
When somebody ask  yuh if yuh finish a job.
>Yuh flirt by having a foolish grin while raising yuh eyebrows.
 >Yuh know what is 'cumess' and 'bakanal'.
 >Yuh always in 'cumess' and 'bakanal'.
>Yuh show disappointment by sucking yuh teeth (stupesing).
>Yuh say "whappenin" even at a funeral.
>Yuh tell de host "good night" when yuh arrive at dey house in de evening.
>Yuh put de 'wares' in de sink after eating
>When someone pays you a compliment, yuh tell them "doh mamaguy  meh".
>When someone sympathises with yuh, yuh say "Yuh tink it eeee-z!?"
>Yuh say "FLIM" (film), "AXE" (ask), "PITIAH" (picture), "STATELLITE"(satellite),"CUTLASH" (cutlass) and "MASHEEEN" (machine)
>Yuh know dat a 'lime' is not always a fruit.
Yuh know dat a 'river lime' is not a fruit dat grows by de river.
>Yuh does call lil children 'po po' or 'betah' and yuh girlfriend or boyfriend 'daahlin' or 'pungkin'.
>Yuh walk in de middle ah de road and bawl "Well bounce meh down nah!"
>Yuh know what is a 'salt prune'.
 >Yuh know how to eat 'greens' (watercress).
 >Yuh know what is Hops bread.
>Yuh could talk in any accent of any country to foreigners (or try to) but
automatically switch back to a trini accent when yuh meet another trini.
>Yuh does call soda "sweet drink" and an avocado "zaboca".
 >Yuh does go grocery and ask de cashier "Whe allyuh ha de breez?"
>Yuh does say "Ah could get 1 dey?" meaning "May I have one please?"
>Yuh know what is 'Tabanca'.
 >Yuh know what is 'Baabash'.
 >Yuh drink 'Baabash' when yuh had 'Tabanca'.
 >In normal every day conversation yuh aways happen to say "Wha de >ass?!".
>Yuh say "Ah tellin yuh" ... even if someone is telling you what happened!
>Yuh say "Ah goin down de road" , even if yuh going very far
>Yuh know what is 'licks'.
 >Yuh know what is a 'Bailnaa'
 >Yuh get 'licks' with a 'bailnaa', guava whip, swizzle stick or pot spoon.
 >Yuh does say "Ah goin out dey to come back".
 >Yuh know what is 'chow'.
 >Yuh could make 'chow' with almost anything.
 >Yuh know wat is 'dhal' and yuh could drink 'dhal' alone.
 >Yuh always late and does say "is only 5 minutes, small ting".
> Yuh always bad mouthing people even if they look better than u

hope yall enjoy it..bless up!! :)
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Re: true trini when yuh...
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2005, 12:31:20 PM »
 ??? ??? ??? I don't think I'm a trini then.
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