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Look Loy: Cyrus’ contract was not a Pro League one.

DANEIL CYRUS’ deal with FC Santa Rosa, from March 1, 2010 to December 31, 2012, was strictly a club contract and not a Pro League one, according to the club’s owner and president Keith Look Loy.

Cyrus, a member of the national football team, joined Santa Rosa after a brief stint as a youth team player with the now-defunct Joe Public.

The central defender played with the T&T teams in the 2007 FIFA Under-17 World Cup in South Korea and the 2009 FIFA Under-20 World Cup in Egypt.

A copy of Cyrus’ contract was obtained by Newsday, with stipulations under the rules of the club, the TT Football Federation (now TT Football Association) and the Pro League.

FC Santa Rosa have never been involved in the Pro League, at any level, during their 25 years of existence.

Look Loy, in an interview on Tuesday, pointed out, “That is not a Pro League contract, that is a Santa Rosa contract. If you look at the first page, the Pro League has a standard contract.”

Look Loy, who is currently the president of the TT Super League, continued, “Any club is free to have a contract with anybody.

There (are) no guidelines.

They will agree what the content of the contract is.”

Asked if the Pro League mentions were typographical errors, Look Loy responded, “The player was loaned to Caledonia (AIA from March 2010 until July 2011) and therefore would have been playing under the rules of the Pro League.”

In 2010, FC Santa Rosa men’s team were in their infancy, and were competing in the Eastern Football Association (EFA) second division.

Look Loy said after the loan agreement with Caledonia AIA ended, Cyrus was loaned to Sporting Kansas City in the American MLS (Major League Soccer).

Sporting Kansas City paid a nominal fee of US$5,000 for Cyrus.

“That didn’t work out,” said Look Loy. “When he came back (in March 2012), W Connection approached Santa Rosa. He was under contract (with Santa Rosa) but I told them they could have him for free. I told them they could take him and that was the end of that.”

Earlier this month, Cyrus signed with Saudi First Division club, Al-Orubah FC.