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DESPITE being just three points away from the top of the TT Pro League standings, Police FC coach Richard Hood said it would take a “miracle” to win the league with two games left.

“For us to win the league, W Connection would either have to lose their last two games or come out with at least a draw and a loss – and I don’t see that happening,” Hood said on Monday.

Police FC are second in the league standings with 30 points, while W Connection lead the table with 33. Hood said that although the deficit between first and second is just one win away from being erased, their fate is not in their hands and he does not see the stars aligning for them to clinch their first ever league title.

W Connection are set to play mid-table San Juan Jabloteh today and Hood said he is expecting a good performance from Jabloteh – a performance that may even lead the team to victory. But he noted that the league leaders should have no problem against the struggling St Ann’s Rangers in their final fixture. The Rangers are second to last on the league table with 12 losses from their 15 games this season and a mere seven points.

“If that game (against Jabloteh) goes our way (and W Connection lose), we will be very happy. The next game (vs Rangers) will be a problem, because even if they lose that (Jabloteh) game (and beat Rangers) and we win our next two games that would leave us with the same points and they have a superior goal difference.”

According to the league standings, W Connection have scored 38 goals, and were scored on seven times, while Police FC have scored 35 goals this season, and conceded 19 goals.

Hood said rather than hoping for a result they have no control over, he and Police FC are now looking to have a strong finish to the league, and end the year in one of the top two positions on the table which guarantees a spot in the CFU Club Championships.

“Our focus is on trying to finish in that second place position,” Hood said. “That means we have to do it ourselves. We cannot rely on anyone else. We are going to go into those next two games with the intentions of gaining victories.”

Police FC are expected to face Morvant Caledonia on Wednesday at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, and after they will clash with Central FC.

Hood told Newsday that they played Caledonia twice this year. In one occasion they lost against Caledonia as they competed for the First Citizens’ Cup, and in another they drew 1-1 during their match-up in the Pro League. Hood said although they face stiff competition, he believes they have what it takes to come out victorious.

“The game depends on us being able to execute our offensive and defensive plans. They (Caledonia) are a solid team with a lot of strengths but there are weaknesses that can be exploited and hopefully we can exploit them.” Hood said.


W Connection*16*9*6*1*38*7*33
Central FC*16*9*3*4*39*24*30
Morvant Caledonia*16*7*6*3*32*20*27
Club Sando*15*8*3*4*30*21*27
Defence Force*15*7*3*5*31*17*24
San Juan Jabloteh*16*7*2*7*23*23*23
Point Fortin Civic*16*2*2*12*16*43*8
St Ann’s Rangers*15*2*1*12*10*54*7
North East Stars*13*1*3*9*12*38*6

SOURCE: T&T Newsday