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Dexter Skeene presents Vance with MVP award.The Soca Warriors Online caught up with the 2009 Secondary School Football League (SSFL) “Player of the Year” Jevaughn Vance as he took the time-off to do a quick Q&A for our online readers.

Jevaughn, you were named the 2009 Secondary School Football League (SSFL) “Player of the Year”. How does it feel to be one of the top young players in the country?
JV: First, I’d like to thank God for giving me this opportunity and talent. Also just want to share my condolence to my fellow brothers and sisters in Haiti. I feel much honored; it’s a remarkable achievement for me and my family but I attribute much of my personal success to the work of my teammates and coach Michael Grayson.

Obviously, you have been around the SSFL more than me. If you had to choose a SSFL Best IX who would they be.
JV: (laughing), I think I’m going to be kind of bias with this one.
Goalkeeper - Kerron Jones (St Augustine), right back – Wesley John (Presentation), center backs - Dinell Lopez (St Augustine), Stefon Pierre (St Augustine), Left back - Kendell Campbell (St Augustine), right wing - Theon James (St Augustine), center midfielders - Jevaughn Vance (St Augustine), Daneil Cyrus - (Eldorado), Isaiah Mejias - (St. Augustine), left wing- Ishmael Clement (St Augustine), striker - Xavion Navarro (St Augustine).

3. Despite what was released in the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian on the 9th of January, 2010 heard you and your teammates (Theon James and Isaiah Mejias) from St Augustine were not signed by San Juan Jabloteh. Care to clear up the obvious discrepancy.
JV: You are absolutely correct. We were in talks with San Juan Jabloteh but we never put pen to paper. But I must say I have a lot of respect for Jabloteh and their coach Mr. Terry Fenwick on the way they approached us and handled our discussions in a mature and orderly manner.

4. What can we expect from Jevaughn on the field? What type of player are you, what is your strength which aspect of your game can be improved in order for you to be a complete player?.
JV: You can expect a creative and attractive style of play from me. I am very skillful and I just enjoy embarrassing defenders. I really think I need to score some more goals though.

5. Do you feel you have the potential to be another Russell Latapy? Are you technically sound?
JV: hummmmmmmmm, I’ll leave that up to the public…….

6. What is your main goal in life?
JV: To become an electrical engineer and play football in Europe one day.

7. Who was the best coach you've played under?
JV: The one and only Michael Grayson.

8. Who inspired you the most in your football career.
JV: I’ll have to say God and my Dad……… because God saved my life when I was 17. He did that because he knew I had a purpose to fulfilled.

9. Who was the best SSFL player/s you have ever played against?
JV: Jamal Gay, Elijah Manners and Daneil Cyrus.

10. Being skillful is one thing, however, do you feel you posses the right attitude and disciplined to break into T&T's first team if given the opportunity.
JV: Yes I do …….

11. Who is your favorite footballers in the world?
JV: Ricardo Kaka, Andrés Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez, Lionel Messi and Michael Essien.

12. What international clubs do you support?
JV: AC Milan, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

11. Apart from St Augustine Secondary. What other schools did you attend?
JV: At primary school level I attended Arima Boys R.C. and at Secondary level Arima Government Secondary.

12. Where (what town) were you born and when is your birthday. And do you have another brothers or sisters coming up that could follow in your footsteps.
JV: I was born in Arima on the 22nd of June, 1990. Yes, I have a little brother coming up but it will take a little while before you will hear from him. (Laughing)....

13. In your opinion. Where did you feel we went wrong for our failure to qualify for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa?
JV: I really think the changing of coaches was at a very crucial time in our quest to qualify. No disrespect but it was extremely difficult for coach Russell Latapy.

14. Do you feel you can break into the T&T senior team in the very "near" future?
JV: Yes I can, once I continue working hard and having the right attitude.

15. Who is your favorite T&T player/s of all times?
JV: The little magician, Russell Latapy. 

16. Have to ever been to a SSFL Girls game, if yes, what’s your thoughts and who impressed you the most.
JV: Yes and it’s improving slowly but surly. Avanell Isaac, Mariah Shade and Elizabeth Ng Wai.

17. Have you ever been to a Pro League game, if yes, what are your thoughts?
JV: Yes. It’s improving fast but it will improve even faster if it gets the proper financial backing.

18. Have you ever visited the Soca Warriors online, if yes, what are your thoughts?
JV: It’s a local site that updates you about our local and overseas footballers. It is also a very interesting sport site.

19. If you don't mind, but your ethnic seems a bit mixed, callaloo business, if so to speak. And out of curiosity, what are you mix with. To me, you look like you have some local Spanish blood in you. (Laugh)...
JV: (laughing), Well yes, I have the Spanish blood in me. Some people call me dougla…… let’s just say I’m a Spanish Trini. (laughing).

20. And finally. Will you decide on going Pro currently or do you see a possibility of a football scholarship in the U.S.
JV: I really can see myself on a football scholarship in the U.S. one day.