Sat, Aug

Technical Director Rene Simoes has called thirty three Under 16 players for training at the Hasely Crawford Stadium from 8:30am on Saturday.

This first session is part of trials the Brazilian-born coach is holding for selection on the National Under 17 team which will have to go into World Qualifying matches ahead of the 2003 Under 17 Championship which takes place in Finland. The qualifiers are expected to begin early next year.

The list of players selected following the recent T&T International Under 16 Cup includes:

Kerwin Beckles, Jerron Johnson, Devon Drayton, Oliver Santos (W Connection).

Thorne Holde, Machel James, Corneal Thomas, Marvin James, Sean Bateau, Keston Jones, Josimar Belgraves, Keron Grimes, Simba Aberdeen, (Rangers).

Rondell Paul, Stephan Granderson, (San Juan Jabloteh).

Jevais Cumberbatch (Sackie's).

Sherran Caruth, Kwesi Thomas, Chad Dharamath, Dion Peters, Frankie Castillo (Joe Public).

Gorian Highley, Dorian Daniel, Kitwana Abosi (Memphis).

Matthew Cupid, Assil Guerra, David Nicholas, Shelae Spencer (Trendsetters).

Leon Mitchell, Ancil Farrier (Palo Seco).

Adisa Alexander (Petrotrin).

Keon Daniel (St Clair Coaching School).

Kerron Forster (Blackbox).

Simoes spoke highly of the talent on display at the T&T Under 16 International Cup tournament and Milo 14 tournament.

"These tournaments have been excellent. I want to congratulate Alvin Corneal and the sponsors because this tournament is exactly what we need. I also want to congratulate Anthony Harford and his team for the Under 14 competition. We have seen some excellent young players with very good qualities.

"I have this experience along with coach Julio Leal having worked with players of these age groups at the national level in Brazil. Julio had the same opinion as I did in that the quality we have seen here is exactly the same with what we have seen in Brazil. The difference is that the project Brazil has and the way in which the clubs there work with the players from as young as 12 year-olds. But the natural ability between the players of the two countries is the same," said Simoes.

Simoes added that he will also call a list of Under 14 players for training in the near future.