Tue, Jun


WASA will be hosting Valtrin on Sunday as Round Two of the Premiership Division, in the Emerald Apartments and Plaza-sponsored Eastern Football Association (EFA) League competition, takes place.

The game will be kicking off at 6 pm at the WASA Ground, St Joseph.

There are two other Premiership games on Sunday, with La Horquetta SA hosting Joe Public at the La Horquetta Ground, Arima and Boss FC tackling FC Maloney at the Morvant Recreation Ground. Those games will begin at 5 pm.

And a game is on the cards on Saturday, with St John’s United entertaining Malabar FC at St John’s Road, St Augustine, from 4.15 pm.

Other Matches (FIRST DIVISION)
Saturday (all matches start at 4.15 pm):

La Horquetta XF vs Crowne FC, La Horquetta;
Athletico SI vs Malta Carib Alcons, Aranjuez;
Creek SCC vs Pinto United, George Boyce Ground, Mausica;
TT Prisons vs Crompton SC, YTC, Arouca;
FCM Supreme XI FC vs Tunapuna Titans, Constantine Park, Macoya;