Tue, Jun


ASPIRING footballers from over 50 schools throughout the country will be competing in the second edition of the QPCC National Schools Football Festival which kicks-off on Saturday at the Queen’s Park Oval with the support of the Ministry of Sport and national captain, Kenwyne Jones.

The Stoke City footballer has contributed $50,000 towards the hosting of the competition as well as a trophy for the Most Valuable Player.

The initiative was conceptualised by the Queen’s Park Cricket Club following the successful hosting of the Under-17 Women’s World Cup in this country and the dire need to continue the development of football.

The Festival is national in scope and teams selected were invited to participate from all areas of the twin isles.

Girls and boys from 32 Primary schools will compete in the Under-13s division, while over 20 teams from the Secondary schools will contest the Under-16 division. The format is structured along the 5-a-side style and played over one day, using seven playing fields, with games running simultaneously.

The focus will be on generating interest at the Primary school level and upwards for the game, while giving the players the opportunity to hone their skills in the fast-paced games, testing their physical fitness as well as enhancing their relationships with their peers from other schools and strengthening their social skills.

Approximately 60 teams will be participating in the Festival and the day promises to be an interesting and exciting one, as certainly the school rivalry will heighten as the day progresses.