Sat, Jul


BLACKPOOL Sports Club of Mt Lambert will be staging its 29th anniversary football match in memory of one of its foundation members Cecil “Rajay” Joseph at the Aranguez Savannah on Sunday, from 4 pm.

In the past, the club honoured former outstanding icons for their contributions to sports and culture on the international and national arena.

This year the club will continue that tradition. Leo John, a former hard hitting batsman for T&T in the 1960s, who is remembered for his bashing of the fearsome fast bowling duo of Wes Hall and Charlie Griffith from Barbados, will be celebrated.

Willard Harris, better known as the "Relator" and the "Lance Gibbs of Belmont,” because of his cricketing skills, and popular musical arranger and composer from Mt Lambert Lester Paul will also be recognised.

Fazeer Mohammed, a journalist/sports commentator/ talk show host and the main contributor to the Mohammed’s Electrical Coaching Academy will be honoured. This academy caters for children and teenagers from the East-West corridor in both football and cricket.

Sportsmen Ian desVinges, Knolly Best and Carl Gomez will also be celebrated for their achievements and contributions.

The afternoon will include teams from Moosai Sports, Soft Drinks and Blackpool in a round robin tournament and will feature former standouts Alvin Corneal, Everald “Gally” Cummings, Kelvin “KB” Berassa, Clive “Santa” Niles, Ron LaForest, Gerry Browne, Bobby Sookram, Sedley Joseph and others.

Kicking the ball to start proceedings will be the Minister of Education Anthony Garcia.