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FC Santa Rosa President Keith Look Loy presented Arima born Derek King as the new Big Cannon head coach at a media conference this morning in the Arima Towh Hall,

Prior to the end of the 2017 Super League season Look Loy had advised the club and its supporters that he would step down at the end of the season. The Big Cannons finished second.

Derek is a former Trinidad and Tobago youth and senior international player. He has previously won the TT Pro League title as a coach with Joe Public FC, and with Northeast Stars FC in 2017. Derek was also assistant coach to Stephen Hart with the senior men's national team.

"The decision to bring Derek into the Rosa Nation is based, not only on technical considerations," says Look Loy, "it is also a marketing decision. Santa Rosa is an established Arima brand, but so too is Derek King. Each has supporters. The unity of the two brands is good for all parties concerned - Santa Rosa, Derek King, Arima football, and Arima as a whole. This is another step in strengthening our financial base and in establishing the club as the flagship club of Arima sport."

"I am a born Arimian. This is a good move for me." Derek told the media. "I am comfortable financially and I am at home. I played my football in Arima and I can coach in Arima for an Arima club. Santa Rosa has a nice family atmosphere and I feel welcomed by the club staff and management. This season the objective is to regain the title (won in 2016), and to compete with the TT Pro League clubs in the FA Cup." .

The 2018 TT Super League season kicks off on Sunday 10 June. As usual, FC Santa Rosa will play in the Arima Velodrome, with matches kicking off at 6.30PM on Friday or Saturday, depending on the match.


King takes over at Santa Rosa FC
T&T Guardian

Derek king, the former North east Stars coach, is the new Santa Rosa FC coach. He was unveiled to the media at a press conference at the Arima Town hall yesterday, effectively taking over from the club's former coach Keith Loy who retired at the end of the last T&T Super League season.

King, a former national coach was signed to a one year deal, and yesterday he promised good attractive football in this year's T&T Super League, saying he fancies the styles of Brazil and Barcelona.

His main challenge will be satisfying a result - oriented Look Loy, who yesterday admitted that while he will not interfere in King performing his job, he will have demand on him getting good results.

King's job starts effectively tomorrow as he will attempt to guide the "Big Cannons" to the League One title for the second time in three years.

He promises to add a few players to his roster, some of which will be revealed next week, saying this club is among many Super League teams to be bombarded by interests from players in the T&T Pro League and other Super League teams.

King told the media as a young coach he is excited to work with Santa Rosa FC as he found it to be a family unit.

The club is set to celebrate its 26th anniversary later this year having finished runner- up to Hydrotech Guaya United last season. "I took up the job to win and it is what i am going to do," king said.

He will also play an integral role with the club's youth teams though that role has been taken up by Look Loy.

In spite of the club's desire for success, Look Loy said they will not pursue promotion to the T&T Pro League as he described it as a mine field.

As an Arima resident, King who also represented Arima North Secondary previously known as the "Dial Dynamos" comes into Santa Rosa FC as a perfect fit as the club continues to be the bed rock of the Arima community.

King takes over as FC Santa Rosa coach
By Joel Bailey (T&T Newsday)

DEREK KING, former assistant coach of the Trinidad and Tobago men’s football team, who led two clubs to TT Pro League glory – Joe Public (2009) and North East Stars (2017), have undertaken a new challenge as coach of TT Super League outfit FC Santa Rosa.

This news was announced at a media conference at the boardroom, Arima Town Hall, yesterday morning.

The team, also known as “Big Cannons”, has been coached by Keith Look Loy, its owner, president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who is also the president of the TT Super League.

Upon the conclusion of the 2017 season, which saw Santa Rosa finish second to Guaya United in League One, Look Loy stated his desire to pass on the coaching baton to a new face, instead of performing a dual role as club coach and organisation’s head.

King stepped down as North East Stars coach in February, after the Pro League kings implemented a wage structure which saw drastic cuts in salaries for players and members of the technical staff.

According to Look Loy, “I approached him. He said he was not only available but willing to do it. One thing led to another and so here we are.”

And King, the former Trinidad and Tobago central defender, pointed out, “When the opportunity arrived I took it with both hands. I believe we’ll compete, not only with the Super League teams but with the Pro (League) teams, in the FA (Cup).

Look Loy revealed that King was given a one-year contract and both will have special connections with the Eastern borough, having been born and bred in Arima.

FC Santa Rosa, who will be celebrating its 26th year of existence, will be using the Arima Velodrome, which has seen new lighting and soon, an upgraded field.

And the long-serving FC Santa Rosa boss stated, “This year we’re looking to play our matches on Friday nights and Saturday nights to maximise the appeal to the crowd and to maximise the gate receipts.

“FC Santa Rosa is one of the clubs in Trinidad and Tobago football that is not content to ask people for a handout or a favour. We want to generate our own income stream.”

King admitted that he is a fan of Barcelona and Brazil, and may want to use those styles of play with his team. However, Look Loy emphasised, “One of the challenges Derek will have is working with Keith Look Loy, who is a demanding fella. My ultimate demand is not about strategy or tactics, my ultimate demand is that the team must win.”

The 37-year-old King does not see a problem in moving a step down, from the Pro League to the Super League level.

“If you coach at the highest level it shouldn’t be a problem coaching in the Super League,” he acknowledged.

Look Loy made it emphatically clear that his club will not be entering the TT Pro League anytime soon, if at all.

“Not only Santa Rosa is receiving calls from Pro League players (but) other Super League clubs (are) being contacted, because they recognise that the Super League is a stable league,” he noted.

“If the powers-that-be, in Trinidad and Tobago football want to sit with the Super League and talk about how we can do better with the organisation of our elite football, specifically merging the clubs that belong to both leagues into a true united national elite competition, then we can begin that discussion immediately.”