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Jack in training.Since there were no reports in the T&T dailies updating the public on the current court battle between the 06' World Cup Warriors versus the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) last Thursday, the Soca Warriors Online (SWO) has decided to run a piece on the current situation.

Former Reading goalkeeper Kelvin Jack has come onboard to update us on the latest developments in the 5-year court battle.

In October of this year the TTFF was ordered by Justice Devindra Rampersad to pay an interim sum of approximately $4.2 million within a week's time to 13 members of the 2006 World Cup team.

He further requested that Jack Warner be made an official part of the matter (third defendant) as former TTFF president Oliver Camps implied in an affidavit that the ex-FIFA vice-president could make clearer the accounts of the TTFF which are yet to be established.

To date the 06' Warriors have not recieved any payments, no judgement on Jack Warner being named as a third defendant was made and the case has been adjourned once again to January 6th 2012.

Kelvin Jack gave us a quick brief on the situation and mentioned that he has lots to say, but was advised by his lawyer to not do so until the case was over.

Jack added: "The hearing last Thursday dealt with the issue of whether Jack Warner should be "officially " added to the litigation."

"It has always been our opinion that Warner is the person who dealt with various sponsors, and the one who knows where the true accounts are and of course the millions of dollars which has been unaccounted for."

"In fact, Oliver Camps said as much in his sworn affidavit when he said Jack Warner is the one who has the accounts and despite numerous requests Warner has not obliged."

"Ultimately the judge is the one who will make a decision on January 6th on whether Warner should be added. If he is added brilliant, if not, our lawyers will find an alternative solution."

"The TTFF has not made the payment yet. Our lawyers are in the process of enforcing payment."

Jack further stated, "Flex, maybe the TTFF is bankrupt and if they are there should be an enquiry as to why. Where has over 100 million dollars disappeared to? We are also looking into having the TTFF wounded up. An important question needs to be asked and answered."

"If the TTFF claim of not having any money is true, how have they been paying their lawyers for the last 5 plus years?"

"Who is paying their lawyers? Where is the money coming from - is it tax payers money? Will these questions be answered? I doubt it. The powers that be in Trinidad are an embarrassment."

"The players remain committed to this case." "Sooner or later the full truth will come out."

"It always does and the most definite fact is this, there is a superior being and he ruthlessly punishes "ugly". "The players are hurting, but we are defiant", ended Jack.