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Carlton “Squeakie” Hinds was honoured by Henry’s Physical Fitness Association for his achievements in local football last Thursday at the Malvern Sports Club in Newtown,  Port of Spain.



The “Prince of Forwards”, as Hinds is regarded, is now in his 80’s played for both Malvern and T&T in the late 40’s and 50’s. Hinds was born in Moruga on November 21, 1924. He was given the nickname “Squeakie” by his former Queen’s Royal College (QRC) principal Arthur C Farrell. “Squeakie” was the name of Hinds’ pet deer.

His ability to penetrate the toughest defence left a mark in the history of T&T’s football. Speaking at the presentation, founder of the Henry’s Physical Fitness Association and former Strike Squad coach and trainer Ken Henry gave a reminder of his first impression with Hinds.
He said, “My first game for Malvern was in 1975. This guy Jessy Blackman received a pass in mid-field on the left flank  before cutting into the St Mary’s defender Mikel Clark, who  decided to tackle.

“I heard a loud ‘plack’ then several players gathered around as I made my way to the incident. Squeekie stopped me and asked me if I ever saw a broken leg. I answered in the negative and he directed me to return to position. The player’s leg was broken in two places.”

The presentation featured many of T&T elders in football including Gally Commings, Selris Figaro, Tim Lankin, Mikel Moore and Stansley Thomson.