Sun, Feb


Former national football captain Dwight Yorke wants to see some pride restored in local football and is hoping that the Football Federation can resolve some of the issues currently plaguing the progress of this country on the international football stage.

Yorke was speaking in Barbados on the weekend where he led Manchester United to the British Airways Legends title at the Kensington Oval.

He teamed up with Andy Cole to help United defeat Chelsea in the final as well as a semi-final win over the Caribbean All Stars which included the likes of Russell Latapy, Stern John, Dennis Lawrence, Clayton Ince, Dion Burton and Paul Hall. “It’s very sad to see where football is at this point in time.
There are a lot of issues going on with the Federation and they need to sort it out,” Yorke said. The ex-Aston Villa marksman said it was undoubtedly disappointing to see T&T out of the World Cup picture so early in the 2014 campaign particularly after appearing on the big stage in 2006.

Yorke is currently a Manchester United ambassador and an analyst for Sky Sports. He has been a member of the United Reserve team coaching staff while also completing some of his coaching badges.
He maintained he would be willing to contribute to the development of local football at some stage. “I’m now part of the Sky Sports team as well as an ambassador for Manchester United and also doing completing some more coaching badges.

I’m just keeping active and enjoying what I’m doing at the moment. “I’ve been very grateful for Trinidad football for many years. It’s been part of me and I’ve been very fortunate to play a role and learn so much in the game. I feel with my experience and knowledge I have gained over the years that I can always contribute something back to the Football Federation.

“My name will be mentioned because of what I have done and maybe one day that opportunity will come along where I will step back in in terms of contributing and giving back something to the football. It would be rude of me not to really consider it if it was to happen. At the moment where our football is, some issues need to be resolved before we can even get to that,” Yorke added.