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Former national footballers, Brian Williams and Brent Sancho, shared similar sentiments on the current state of Trinidad and Tobago’s unsure presence in this year’s Caribbean Cup.

Both ex-national representatives were deeply disappointed with the present condition of the nation’s football status. According to the duo, this country and its sporting regimes are supposed to be on a “high” after a historic performance at the recently concluded London Games. However, current events have shown a continued downward spiralling of local football in various aspects.

Williams, a member of TT’s 1990 Strike Squad, believes TT football has now arrived at its lowest in years.

“It’s a similar scenario to what happened in 2006 (World Cup players not being paid). Our football deterioration is a constant happening in Trinidad and Tobago.

With this situation at hand now, it’s a sad day for local football (because) there is no progressive continuity anymore. We’re supposed to be in a better sporting position all-round after the Olympics, but it shows we have a lot more work to do,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Sancho, a member of TT’s World Cup team in 2006, lays the blame squarely on the shoulders of the TTFF and not the Government.

“The Federation has to lay blame on themselves and stop blaming the Government or anyone else. Where did all the funds go and why should they be looking for money for the Caribbean Cup...This shouldn’t be a surprise to the public,” Sancho said.

He also reiterated that sport in TT should be on the up following the heroic exploits of our athletes at the Olympics.

“Sport brings us Trinbagonians together — it’s so important to us.