Wed, Aug


Former national footballer Stern John has partnered with a group of friends to come to the assistance of five-year-old Elisha Thomas who is the little sister of a member of Stern Johns’ D14 FC touring football team.

 In a press release yesterday, Elisha was described as a “vibrant, articulate, intelligent gem, with a joyously contagious spirit.” 

Earlier this year, Elisha was diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumour – a cancer of the kidney, and is currently undergoing extensive chemotherapy. Elisha is fighting this disease as best as she can, but her family is struggling to cope. 

Despite having four other children, Elisha’s father was forced to leave his job in order to provide her with the 24-hour care she requires. Her mother is a Special Reserve Police Officer (SRP) and it is her salary that must now cover all of the household expenses, and ensure that the rigid dietary and sanitisation regimen prescribed for Elisha can be afforded and is adhered to. 

Stern John and D14 FC Football Club last month hosted a BBQ, in an effort to raise funds to assist with the financial adversity of this family. 

The group yesterday revealed that they are donating $1,500 in cash every month for six months, to assist in offsetting household bills; $1,500 in grocery vouchers every month for six months, to assist in providing for the additional dietary and sanitisation needs; one case of PediaSure, every month for six months. 

“None of this would have been possible without the generous contributions of our donors; as well as the patronage from some remarkable persons and organizations.
e would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank all those that made this event a success and specific mention must be made of Abbot Nutrition – Ferose Daniel, Airport Authority of TT, Arima Door Centre, Brenda Modeste, Dessiann Roberts, Esther Samuel, Farlon Thomas, Gopaul & Company Ltd, Heather Wilson, Ingrid Samuel, Inspector Kennedy Patterson, Kenwyn and Noreen Allen, Kim Etwaru, Kurt Scotland, Llewelyn Wiltshire, Massy Stores, Mega Foods Ltd, Michael St John, National Canners Ltd, National Flour Mills, Park & Shop Supermarket, RHL Group of Companies, Ricardo Quamina, Ronald Samuel and friends, Selwyn Walcott, Superintendent Anthony Bernard, West Bees Supermarket and WPC Mellissiea Robert. 

The family and friends of Elisha Thomas expressed gratitude to those that contributed and asked everyone to continue to pray for her full recovery.