Sun, Jul

Marshall's loving it.

“I'm travelling the world doing what I love, and just loving it.”

Yes, Yohance Marshall was loving it on Wednesday night, when heading in Joevin Jones' corner-kick to score an injury time tying goal for Trinidad and Tobago in a 4-4 draw with Mexico at the Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, North Carolina. That last gasp contribution was the latest highlight in what has already been a lively career.

Marshall's previous stop was in El Salvador playing for Juventud Independiente. Where next he goes, no one knows.

Between playing the 2013-2014 season at home with Central FC, Marshall has also played in the United States, Thailand, Myanmar and El Salvador.

“It's been interesting (El Salvador). It was different from Trinidad, from the Pro League,” he said. “It is more of a technical league. Trinidad is more of a physical league. But I enjoyed it.”

Marshall is sporting a serious beard these days. It is probably not a bad idea to look formidable in El Salvador, rated as one of the most dangerous countries in Central America.

“I have heard that there are a lot of gangs and stuff,” Marshall confessed, “so, I tried to stay within the limits of certain things that they told me, like try not to take too much public transportation. For the most part I think I was safe.”

Marshall laughs off the comment of him playing in exotic leagues. As yet, he does not know where his next stop will be. It is something he will contemplate after he finishes representing Trinidad and Tobago at the Gold Cup.

“To be honest I enjoying what ah doing. Ah can't complain,” he said. “Gold Cup in meh mind right now, and then after that, we go see going forward.”