Sun, Jun


The stability which Radanfah Abu Bakr has been giving the Soca Warriors in defence at the CONCACAF Gold Cup, could be the benefit of competing in a tough Danish first division.

“It's very demanding in terms of running and no breaks in play,” Abu Bakr said. “It is very fast paced as well and has helped develop my game as well.”

Bakr, 28, plays for HB Koge, a modest, ambitious club, with a young team that is trying to get promoted this season. Previously, Abu Bakr has been at Vostok and Kruoja Pakruojis in Kazakhstan, Koya (Lithuania), Olympic Club de Charleroi-Marchienne) Belgium and was once on the books of Swansea (England), but rates Denmark as one of the toughest leagues he has played in.

“It took a while to adapt. But you learn to toughen up,” the former Queen's Royal College defender said. “Sometimes there are things you think the game should be stopped for, but it just goes on. You have to just man up and just get on with it. It is a very physical, competitive league.”

No one could ever fault Abu Bakr for effort. But he has definitely stepped up at the CONCACAF Gold Cup, playing the full 90 minutes in Trinidad and Tobago's opening wins over Guatemala (3-1) and Cuba (2-0).

Obviously, he has grown in Denmark where after initially being confined to the bench, Bakr settled in and has been playing regularly.

There have always been negative issues surrounding his infamous father and greatest fan Yasin Abu Bakr, but the younger Bakr said that has not affected him as a player. He also thinks playing all over the world helped him.

“It's been interesting and very eye opening to experience those football cultures, learn new languages and different lifestyles and stuff. Yes, I have enjoyed my adventures. It has helped me grow as a person and also as a player. I have enjoyed my journey.”