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Going to the World Cup with Collin Samuel

What do you think are your chances of reaching the second round in the World Cup?
I think we definitely have a good chance. It’s just a matter of us being able to settle down as a team in Germany and play to the best of our ability, That’s the challenge.

What are your earliest World Cup memories as a youngster?
When you say World Cup, as a Kid I remember Italy, Argentina, Brazil and Diego Maradona. I liked all those countries. Now I don’t have any favourites.

Your world has obviously changed a bit over the years and particularly since we qualified. How do you manage this and all the other attention?
It’s a big change because I had to make a big sacrifice to leave home and go to Scotland to start a career there. It was tough at first but I knew I had to adapt to the Scottish way of life and how things are done here. I feel good about how I have been able to make these changes. My first season was a successful one at Falkirk sacarfice to leave home and come here and adapt to the Scottish life and how they do things here, I feel good about how Ive mananged this. The way I am now makes me delighted. My first season was a   though we didn’t go up after winning the First Division because of problem with a  new stadium. Then my next season at Dundee was not so good but I kept on trying and trying. I had to pick myself up and I think this season has been my best so far. I feel delighted when I think about it and I add the World Cup to all of this

When you got into the T&T ,  in many ways you were young. Over the years, you have grown with it. What has helped you settled as a professional human being?
I think if you have to have confidence in yourself right through. You have to aim for better and you must tell yourself you can do it. I am happy that I have believed in myself.

Do you think you have been able to stamp yourself as a positive influence in the team?
The guy had been saying that I have a lot of pace but they haven’t really seen it except for maybe in the Iceland match. I think I can do it with pace but I just have to keep working hard and running hard. The guys congratulated me after the Iceland match. They were like ‘Sammy we knew you had some pace but we saw a lot today.” Hopefully I can keep up the pace.

What are your top three T&T moments?
When I played against Tobago eleven when I was now beginning to train with the national team and then against Grenada on my debut. I scored hattricks in both games. But overall my best experience has to be the 2-0 win over Iceland. For my club I enjoyed the hattricks against Hearts when I played for Falkirk.  I also remember taking Mayaro Composite to the Intercol level for the first time in 1997.

How do you think you have changed as a player over the past season?
I have changed a lot because now I focus more on possession football and it has helped my game a lot.

What’s your favourite kind of music to listen to?
I like all kinds except the Rock type.

What was the last film or DVD you looked at?
King Kong

What is a normal day for you in this day and age?
I usually get off the bed at 9am. Then get myself ready and head off for training with Dundee. I maybe drive for a bout an hour to get to training which starts at 10:30 am and finishes by 12 midday. Recently the manager got sacked so we have been having double sessions everyday. After training I would maybe move around a bit, go to the mall and some days I meet up with some of the other T&T players up here  and lime a bit.

Do you and if yes, how do you keep in touch with you roots?
I phone them a lot on weekends. For the Peru match I know a lot of them will be coming up from Manzanilla so I will definitely be seeing them. I am so happy that (Anthony) Wolfe has also got the call because we grew up playing together in the same school  and we are from the same area.

What’s the feeling inside of you now that the World Cup is getting closer and closer?
Hmmm. I am just so anxious but I also know I have to relax a bit. Every player wants to play in the World Cup and if I get the chance to go out on the field I think I will be somewhere in Paradise.