Tue, Jun

1. You were on the bench and witnessed it closer than most of many as we inched towards our first World Cup qualification in Manama on November 16, 2005, tell us about it.
That was an unbelievable moment. Lifetime memories really and you just can’t believe you have qualified for a World Cup with the national team. I remember on my way back to Scotland, we stopped off in Spain and  we were just liming and having a drink, Russell and Shaka were there and all of a sudden the both of them were like why are we so down. It was then that it really hit us. Even we as players we felt that it would always seem so difficult to qualify for a World Cup and there we were a few hours after making it. So we thought we just had to enjoy the moment..

2. How has life changed for you within a year?
Confidence wise, it has improved a lot for me. Even though I didn’t play at the World Cup, it made me a better person overall. The players at the club and even from some of the other clubs look up to me and some of the time the gaffer says he has more respect for me because I have been at the World Cup. The pros respect me a lot more now. Even though I was topscorer last season, going to the World Cup raise my profile and respect from others.

3. What are your hopes for the development of the game back home?
I think we were progressing since the World Cup because I was hearing good things from the guys as were heading in a better direction than before. I just hope it can continue with the League at lest. The majority of players could come through the Pro League so it’s just a message for them to keep their heads on and keep on working hard and the opportunity will arise.

4. Your aim is to finish among the topscorers at St Johnstone again this season?
I haven’t had as much as last season up to now but we are at the top of the table. We have a good squad and it doesn’t bother me if I don’t score. The most important thing is to take the First division title. I rather give up the most goals award for the title.

5. And aside from the tally, what are the goals set by Scotland?
A move to England is my priority. The football there is really good and this is my last season on contract at St Johnstone. . I leave everything up to faith. If we get promoted, then I will have a big decision to make but my ambition is to play in England.

6. The boys seem to be trying to find out more about your new ride?
Yea (smiles). I’m driving a sporty  X 5 these days. When you work hard you can get things that make you feel comfortable. But sometimes it’s not just about making big cash but probably being comfortable with what you are doing and what you have.  I talk to Marvin a lot and we still have dealings. I asked him about the move and he felt he could give back to the club and he has his beliefs about these things.

Take for instance, I didn’t celebrate when we scored versus United because  they brought me over here. They gave me the opportunity to play in Scotland  I said it in a press conference the day before that  I wouldn’t celebrate a goal against them.  But obviously I wanted to score to push my club to the next round. The United fans still showed me love after the game and that was touching. I went to see them play in the last two games when I was off duty.

7. So St Johnstone seems to be a pretty well developed club and you love it too?
We have a good squad. We play good football and  when we meet good teams we take it a gear up but it’s harder when you have the dog fights with the lesser teams. I like playing in Scotland. They treat me like a king over there. At the end of the day, you have to keep dreaming and trying to achieve it. You have to go after your goals  whether it is to drive an X 5, live in a nice house or whatever else  and then still be humble after it.