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Does the name Andre Toussaint ring a bell? If it does, here’s your chance to get a glimpse into his life as Warriors Reloaded gets up close and personal with the ambitious footballer from down South.

“At one point in time I was named the most undisciplined striker in the T&T Pro League. But knowing where I came from, I decided to make a positive change,” That’s the words of Andre Toussiant, as he remembers his “bad boy” days.

Growing up in a Christian home, Toussaint knew all too well what was right and what was wrong, but there was a time when he chose to deviate from the straight and narrow path. Those rebellious days are long gone.

Today he describes himself as “a humble and spiritual fella.”

He says, “I grew up in the church, but in my early days I was very ignorant. It used to affect me a lot on the field. I was a fella you could not ah deal with. I liked my own way.”

This delinquent behaviour would earn Toussaint quite a few red cards on the field.

So, what prompted this “bad boy” to change for the better?

Well, according to him, it was a simple case of taking a look at the man in the mirror.

“Because of my background growing up in the church, I realised that I needed to make a change in my life. I was getting older and I did not want to shame my family,” he reveals.

Football fever
Born and bred in Point Fortin, the 27-year-old forward has football running through his veins.

A wide-eyed eager 11-year-old Toussaint would watch with interest as his brother played football for the Point Fortin Civic Centre, and at home in his spare time.

“When I was younger, I used to follow my brother who played football. As I grew older I began to develop a love for the game. He always used to encourage me to play,” he says.

Following in his big brother’s footsteps, the younger Toussaint’s football career took off, as he displayed natural talent with the ball. As fate would have it, the former St Benedict student would also play for the Point Fortin Civic Centre in the Under-12, Under-15 and Under-20 teams.

His football skills were highlighted further when he played for Joe Public’s Under-20 and Under-23 teams. Toussaint’s hard work paid off in 2001, when he captured the coveted MVP title in the T&T Pro League.

This was followed by his selection for the national senior football team, which he describes as “a dream come true.”

Joe Public in 2003 and took his fancy footwork to W Connection in 2004.

Finding time to pray
Liming with friends and family and spending quality time with his girlfriend of seven years and his daughter Analee are high on his agenda.

He also makes sure to devote some time to God.

“I go to church whenever I can find the time too,” he says.

Besides wanting to continue playing for the national team and one day playing professional football overseas, Toussaint yearns to be a role model for the nation’s youth.

“I really want to be someone the youth can look up to. I want to be a role model for the kids in Point Fortin and for the country.”

So, does he really think the T&T Soca Warriors have what it takes to make it to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa?

“Yes I think we can make it. We have a chance. We have good players. We just need to get the right selection.”