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Dexter SkeeneTrinidad and Tobago Professional Football League CEO Dexter Skeene recently spoke with the Soca Warriors Online (SWO) in reference to a remark made in another interview with SWO by TTFF Technical Adviser Mr. Keith Look Loy.

On June 3rd, Keith Look Loy did an exclusive with us and one of his answers raised eyebrows and did not go down too well with some readers. Though, Look Loy’s reply was not negative in anyway and was not aimed at anyone in particular, it did however leaved a blank space to be filled.

Current CEO of the TT Pro League, Dexter Skeene who by the way did not take offence to Look Loy’s comments felt it was his responsibility to step forward, clarify certain points and offer his side of the story.

The questioned asked by SWO were:

I propose that we have a 4 tier league structure in T&T and allow for a promotion and relegation system, ex. 1) T&T Pro League (Pro League), 2) National Super League (NSL), 3) T&T Elite Football League (EFL), 4) National Zonal League (NZL).  There are too many small leagues that negatively affect the major leagues in T&T. It’s time to pool our resources and work together. Of course we may need the financial assistance of the T&T government to help promoted teams during their first year in the top flight. What are your thoughts on this?

Mr. Keith Look Loy's reply was as follows:

"Of course, there is already a relationship between the regional league and the TTFF Super League. The issue is to connect the TT Pro League to the rest of football and this is political."

"In early 2010, the TTFF hosted a seminar on Club Development and Administration, to which all regional associations, affiliated leagues and Super League clubs were invited to participate."

"This included the TT Pro League. The product of the four day activity was “The Port of Spain Declaration”, which included an analysis of the current football status quo and a call for certain measures to be adopted in order to move the game forward."

"One of the many critical measures identified is the creation of a four-tiered league, including “minor leagues” (division four), regional leagues (division three), Super League (division two) and TT Pro League (division one)."

"The TT Pro League did not sign the document and has never delivered on its promise to “get back” to the TTFF on this matter, ended Look Loy."

Dexter Skeene were asked to comment on the following and he did so in great strides and was very much appreciated with the SWO for giving him the opportunity in doing so.

Skeene's response:

"The TT Pro League was invited to a course entitled FIFA/CONCACAF Club Management Course scheduled for May 18th -23rd, 2010 at Cascadia Hotel, Ariapita Road, St, Ann’s."

"The facilitators were Chris Collie, Hugo Salcedo and Keith Look Loy and the TT Pro League’s Attendee was Julia Baptiste – General Secretary."

"The objective of the Course was to assist Clubs and Associations with proper management and administrative skills by giving them the tools and guidelines to work with."

Skeene further stated that: "The information was meant to be taken back to the Clubs with the view of assisting them in becoming better organized and create a more professional approach to Club Management and Administration."

"Apparently, on the last day of the Course the attendants were informed that Mr. Look Loy was formulating a document over the period attendees were there for the participating organizations to sign."

"Quite rightly, Ms Baptiste informed Mr. Look Loy, and all those who were present at the time, that in her capacity she was not in a position to sign any document without the TT Pro League board considering the proposal."

"As a result she was informed that the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) would seek a meeting with the TT Pro League with regard to the declaration and its contents and recommendation and the matter ended there."

"In addition, prior to this course and subsequently, the TTFF executive and myself, acting on behalf of the Board of the TT Pro League, have been and continue to hold discussions with regard to the structure and improvement of local football."

"Mr. Mohammed, this is my understanding of the situation and as such I am quite surprised to note the suggestion that the TT Pro League did not get back to the TTFF."

"In any event, Keith and myself as old St Mary's (CIC) boys have an extremely cordial relationship, so I am sure that it must have been a miscommunication between the TTFF, ended Skeene."

The content for Course was as follows:

1. General Programme.
2. FIFA.
3. General Management.
4. Confederations.
5. Types of Clubs, Statutes and Rules.
6. Principles of Club Management.
7. Structure and Administration of a Club.
8. Human Resources.
9. Finance.
10. Planning.
11. Technical Development.
12. Marketing.
13. Communications.
14. Fan Development.
15. Competitions.
16. Event Management and Security Guidelines.
17. International Match Calendar 2008-2014.
18. Terms of References of Key Positions in Clubs and Member Associations (for the Organization of Competitions).
19. Match Organization Forms.