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TITLE-HOLDERS: Victorious Bishop Anstey High School, Port of Spain, Girls’ football team with the Coca-Cola National Girls’ Intercol trophy

Bishop Anstey Girls’ High School, which has traditionally been a strong academic institution, is now making a name for itself as a powerhouse in girls’college football.

The Port of Spain team defeated Pleasantville Secondary School 6-0 in the Coca-Cola Girls’ National Intercol tournament final on December 4 at the Ato Boldon Stadium.

Their victory is further evidence of the success that the Ministry of Education’s Physical Education (PE) programme is playing in producing healthy students, who are excelling in the education system.Physical Education is now a compulsory subject in both the primary and secondary schools and is also being tested at both CSEC and CAPE levels.

The Bishop Anstey players made history for their school as the first team to win the prestigious trophy.

A hat trick from Ranae Ward, a double from Brittney Williams and a single item from Kiana Alexander ensured a resounding thrashing of the southern footballers who were left shell shocked after the defeat.

First time Captain Leah Dos Santos said she was delighted with her team’s triumph which she chalked up to the many long hours of training and positive attitude the team gave to the game.

“I’m incredibly humbled by our success,” she said, “especially with how much we were able to win by. I am super proud of my team and it’s really a great feeling seeing all of our hard work reap this reward.”

A happy Principal Joanne Shurland expressed her pride for the team, in particular the level of on-field intelligence and maturity displayed.

“Our girls are academic and they are thinkers. When everybody else was playing football our girls were using strategy… you saw the calmness, the measured thinking,which play to make, where to place the ball,” she said.

Commenting on the team’s first time success, Coach Brian Smith said “It’s actually a fantastic achievement and it took us a period of five years to get here.”

Come 2018, as defending champions, the Bishop Anstey girls’ football squad intend to fight hard to retain the title.