Mon, Jun


THE 2018 edition of the Fruta-sponsored Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) Form One Football League will feature an Inter-Col competition for the first time. The zonal competition, which precedes the InterCol competition, is expected to kick off in two weeks’ time.

The league was launched at the President’s Box, Queen’s Park Oval, yesterday. Among the major announcements, was the inclusion of Fruta as title sponsors for the league.

At least 28 teams from four zones will compete in the regular league competition. Eight teams will advance to the inaugural Form One InterCol.

According to Anthony Harford, director of All Sports Promotions, the league’s event managers, schools which have not yet applied have until Wednesday to submit their application. Tobago, which does not have a Form One league will not feature in this year’s events.

“What does this do? It creates a loyalty, a whole new base of fans,” Harford said.

“As you know, at the moment, boys enter school, they like going to school but they really don’t get a chance to be involved in the pinnacle of schools’ football until they get to Form Five or Form Six, with a few exceptions. In this case, they play InterCol from Form One and then they migrate. So throughout their career at a particular school, they represented their school at the highest level.” SSFL president William Wallace lauded the new sponsor Fruta for their investment in youth football.

“This sponsorship will help us to provide the environment, which will enhance the experience of our young players and hopefully will act as a catalyst for the growth and development of their game,” Wallace said.

The league said that there will be a game-of-the-day twice a week throughout the season. The best player from the game-of-the-day will receive an MVP award courtesy Fruta.