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Long-time national Intercol title sponsor, Coca Cola, is currently working with a Miami-based scouting agency to provide some of T&T’s talented Secondary Schools’ Football League (SSFL) players with an opportunity to secure international scholarships and contracts.

This initiative serves as a springboard for the season’s top league, zonal and Intercol performers (male and female). These players will have a chance to exhibit their athletic skills in front of varying foreign-based scouts via exhibition games.

At the 2019 SSFL award ceremony on Thursday, Coca Cola senior marketing manager Maritza Ballack revealed the plan aimed at providing a platform for young, transitioning footballers.

“We are engaged with a Miami-based scouting agency who is working on the full plan for this exhibition day,” said Ballack during her address.

“The top teams of each season will be able to showcase their players at special exhibition games set up with international scouts in the hope that some of our brightest stars will be picked up by foreign schools and clubs.”

Within the coming weeks, Ballack and her team will share this plan with the SSFL body for finalisation. Once all elements are reviewed and confirmed, the decade-long sponsor is preparing to execute this initiative in March with the top boys and girls Intercol schools invited to participate.

The Coca Cola representative said her organisation is celebrating its 10-year anniversary as National Intercol title sponsors. Additionally, the preceding season was Coca Cola’s first full sponsorship of the girls’ competition. According to her, Coca Cola remains committed to the cause.

She also hinted to the outgoing SSFL president and recently appointed T&T Football Association head, William Wallace, that Coca Cola is willing to partner with football's local governing body.

“I can confidently say that we will be continuing our sponsorship as title sponsors for many years to come for both the Coca Cola girls and boys Intercol. We pledge to continue support of the SSFL for hopefully another ten (years) and beyond. It has been a pleasure working with you Mr Wallace and I’m ready to partner with you and the TTFA as well. Just say the word.”

SOURCE: T&T Newsday