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Seattle coach vouch to make T&T a frequent stop.The recently concluded Seattle Sounders Combine in Trinidad and Tobago was described by Sheldon Phillips as a great success.

Sheldon Phillips, the son of former T&T national goalkeeper Lincoln "Tiger" Phillips was very happy with the way things had gone during their short stay in the twin-island republic.

Sheldon added that: "We are very happy with how the combine turned out. Sounders assistant coach and St Vincent-born Ezra Hendrickson was pleased with how things turned out as well and has pledged to make T&T a frequent stop for Seattle coaches."

"I think we achieved our objective of bringing more exposure from abroad for T&T players. Thanks for all of your assistance. As a result of the on-line registration the process went smooth and we were able to adequately prepare and maintain contact with the players throughout the process. "Another great collaboration with"

We would also like to thank W Connection Football Club owner, David John Williams and T&T Pro League CEO, Dexter Skeene for their assistant."

"We have been approached by a few other clubs to do similar events in the very near future. Also, the officials in Tobago were tremendous in their support and overall organization. Assistant Secretary, Hugh Caudette, Peter Granville, Richard McFarlane, Anthony Price and Tobago FA President, Raymond Alleyne were quick to lend their support. They were prepared to undertake a number of major initiatives."

"We'll keep the public up to date on any developments regarding players who were seen by Seattle this week, ended Phillips."

Lincoln Phillips also mentioned that: "This will be the first in a series initiatives designed to attract international coaches, scouts, and teams to Trinidad and Tobago."

"I firmly believe that when players see that there are abundant opportunities to achieve a higher status in life through football, each player will have the tendency to work harder to improve his game."

Sounders technical director Chris Henderson said: “They knew the players well – the type of players that they think would do well in Major League Soccer.”

"While the club has a list of players who will be at the combine, they don’t have a great knowledge of the players, as the Caribbean leagues are not as well-scouted."

"However, they are hopeful that they can find good young players in the mold of Stern John and Evans Wise, both former MLS standouts. It’s another opportunity for the Sounders to look at a wider array of players as they look to add to their roster in the short-term and long-term, added Henderson."

Some of the players seen were: Keston George, Noel Williams, Akile Clark, Kevin Molino, Willis Plaza, Jamal Harewood, Richard Roy, Kevon Carter, Kareem Young, Dwayne James, Jayson Joseph, Gerrard John-Williams, Jamal Clarence, Akeem Adams, Castellanos, Devon Jamison, Keith Williams II, Curtis Gonzalez, Anton Hutchinson, Akini Adams and Kevin Graham.

VIDEO - Interview With Sheldon Phillips.