Sat, Aug


Central FC have stated that revealing personal information about the income of their goalkeeper Jan Michael Williams will “cause disharmony amongst Central F.C. Players” and have also denied paying him a sum of money mention in a January 13 Trinidad Express newspaper article entitled “Rangers Lose Again.”{

Central feel players salaries “should always be treated as private and confidential information” - owing to a clause in the Pro League articles preventing football officials from revealing salaries.

In response to the article, Central issued a release bearing the name of managing director Brent Sancho, denying that the quoted amount of Williams salary is correct.

“Mr. Williams is not paid TT$9,000 per month,” Sancho said in his letter. “The publishing of this incorrect statement will not only attract the attention of criminal elements, it will also cause disharmony amongst Central F.C. Players.”

The release further added: “While I am sure that no malice was intended towards Jan-Michael Williams or Central F.C., your article has caused concern to those mentioned and, as such, I fully expect your co operation in correcting this mis-information.”