Club Sando will remain a National Super League club this season, after failing to meet the financial requirements to join the professional league.

Finishing as 2013 runners-up, a point behind Guaya United in the semi-profession, second-tier Super League, Club Sando had always indicated an interest in joining the Digicel Pro League for the  2014-2015 season.

However, they are unable to meet some financial demands required to play Pro League football, including the $400,000 registration fee.

Coached by former St Ann’s Rangers coach Anthony Streete last season, Club Sando attracted  former Pro League players  from W Connection, St Ann’s Rangers and San Juan Jabloteh, including Devon Modeste, Teba McKnight, Kemuel Rivers, goalie Andre Marchan, Dwayne Charles, Corneal Thomas, Kern Cupid and Ryan Fredericks.

But Technical Director Muhammad Isa confirmed that Sando will stay at the lower level.

“We are playing in the Super League,” Isa confirmed. “The problem is financial. They were asking us to pay a certain amount of money by the end of June and we couldn’t make that.

“Now that we know what they are asking for, the plan is to put them in place before the end of next season,” Isa added.

No withstanding the disappointment, Isa said that Club Sando remain intact as a team and that they may even have some better players this season.

“We have the same core of players from last year and I even think we have some better players, ” Isa declared. “Almost everybody (is staying with the team), just one player has not made up his mind what he wants to do.”

Isa felt that the disappointment of not playing Pro League football was temporary and the extra year gives Club Sando time to become an even stronger club. He also added that coach Streete also has to decide whether to stay with Club Sando or return to St Ann’s Rangers, his former team to whom he went on loan in March, near at the end of the Pro League season.

“So far he (Streete) has been working by us,” Isa said. “But that is a decision that still has to be worked out. At the moment, he is still with us.”