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ACTING Pro League chairman Brent Sancho thinks the position should be a full-time one, complete with salary. Sancho was appointed as Acting Chairman following the death of Richard Fakoory in May.

Yesterday, the former Trinidad and Tobago sports minister issued a release stating that the position should become a full time, paying post.

“We are in urgent need of a truly independent chairperson to guide the board,” said Sancho.

“But we haven’t yet sat down as a board to discuss the criteria for the position, including roles and responsibilities,” he added.

“Then, there is also the issue of salary as the position is currently unpaid,” Sancho went on.

Sancho says that he believes that the whole structure of Pro League management needs to be reviewed.

“We need the right people in the right jobs. Currently, CEO Mrs. (Julia) Baptiste is covering all bases, and this can’t be right. While she is working tirelessly to keep the ship afloat, she needs support.”

‘Important decisions to make’

Sancho is of the opinion that Pro League football has reached a crossroads.

“We have important decisions to make and I wonder if we have the right people in place to make the hard decisions required to move the sport forward,” he said.

“The Chairman’s role is a case in point,” said the fotrmer national team defender. “Both Richard and myself were asked to step up temporarily, and we were both honoured to accept the role. However, we both recognised that the appointment could only be temporary. You simply can’t have a club owner chairing the league.”

Sancho explained that the need for independence was a tough requirement when someone was discussing issues that affect your own club.

“It’s an impossible situation. For example, Central F.C. are still owed prize money from 2016 and 2017 and yet, I can’t express my opinion concerning clubs that owe money to the league from last season. It’s frustrating.”

Sancho added that while he had a casting vote, it was the club owners who made the board decisions which he is mandated to support.

SOURCE: T&T Express