Mon, Jun

W Connection coach Stuart Charles Fervier has taken his team’s amazing 2-1 come from behind victory over Mexican Champs Chivas of Guadalajara in stride and with a bit of caution.

The St Lucia born coach described the win by his side who were reduced to ten men as early as the 20th minute after goalkeeper Jan Michael Williams handled the ball outside the area as a massive victory for his team not only because of the result but because of the level at which their Spanish speaking opponents play.

However, at the post match press conference the w connection coach exercised watchfulness and caution saying that the club was not yet ready to celebrate just yet.

“It is just halftime we are only at the 90 minute mark; we take a 2-1 lead to Mexico and of course our main objective is to win, but we still have to keep our feet on the ground because we still have another 90 minutes to play”, Fervier said.

The coach however noted that his side is in no way intimidated by the looming prospect of facing the Mexicans at home in Guadalajara, an area prominently known for its passionate die-hard and vocal football supporters saying instead that they are excited and looking forward to it.

“We are really happy to be going to Mexico to play in that sought of atmosphere because we have worked hard to be here and you grow up seeing this kind of thing on TV and dream of these moments so we are really quite happy”.

Fervier further added that the away goal the Mexicans gained was not really important to him and does not give his club a disadvantage going into the return leg.

“Our main goal was to win at home and take a victory into Guadalajara, if we go there and do the same then I believe that we will have no problems.”

The St Lucian went on to thank the fans who came out to support W Connection and congratulated his players for the win despite the odds stacked up against them, heaping loads of praise on outstanding Brazilian midfielder Jose Luiz Seabra who came off the bench in his first appearance after an eight month injury layoff to create the first goal of the match and score a magnificent second to secure victory for the ‘Savontetta Boys’.

“Jose has always been a quality player, even though I still believe that he is far from his normal form and not in shape to play 90 minutes, because of his quality he was able to decide the game in one moment”, the coach pointed out.

He ended by saying that he was especially proud of his clubs accomplishment because it augurs well for the image of the Pro league which he says has been “cried down” by detractors in recent times.

“We are glad to prove that there is quality here in this league despite what certain individuals have claimed and we are going to represent the league and the country to the best that we can”.