Tue, Jun


Caledonia AIA of Morvant Laventille head Coach Jamaal Shabazz has come out in support of the appointment of Michael McComie and Angus Eve as Coach and Assistant Coach of the Ma Pau SC.

“I think this is a great move by Ma Pau and one that will bear fruit if the owners show patience and give Mike and Angus the support that they need.”

“Football is our profession and when guys like Mike and Angus make such a smooth transition then you must applaud and welcome these steps,” he added.

Citing that the Ma Pau job is much more difficult than at Joe Public and Jabloteh where Mc Comie and Eve worked respectively for some time, Shabazz pointed out, “At Joe Public and Jabloteh they met a well established Pro League structure with some of the more experienced and recognized players in the country. The cultures of confidence in those two clubs are very high and far different from what they will meet at Ma Pau.”

“In Ma Pau the guys will have to build that confidence and strive to create a culture that will enable them to compete because they certainly have the talent in their team.”

"Both Mike and Angus have had sheltered lives as players and were fortunate to be in good situations as budding coaches. At Ma Pau it will be a new adventure for them and I think they will do very well and shock a lot of people. I hope Caledonia will not be a victim,” he added jokingly.

The Caledonia AIA Coach also had words of advice for the Ma Pau Board of Directors who have shown the door to Ron la Forest after their maiden season in the Pro league and the sacking of Brazilian import Coach Ubirajara Veiga Da Silva during the pre season.

“Take a cue from clubs like Joe Public, W Connection and Jabloteh in building a program and the trophies will come once things are in place. Results come after things are put in place not in spite of things not being in place. We at Caledonia are learning this with every season.”

“Too often you hear a lot of hype about firing and when you look at the support systems available to the coach it is an embarrassment to the very investment owners make in local professional football,” he ended.