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South End Lady Hochoy Coaching ClinicFootball Club South End, a Professional Football League team, took its vision of individual, community and national development to the Southern Regional Indoor Sports Complex in Pleasantville on Friday, September 11, 2009.

They hosted a clinic for students of the Lady Hochoy Home South.  Anthony Rougier, former national captain, and four members of his team emphasized facets of sport  such as teamwork, flexibility, maximum effort, endurance and discipline that would benefit the participants in other areas of their life.  Using his life as an example, he inspired them to dream and to work on making their dreams a reality.  The clinic was attended by 14 students with different levels of physical and intellectual abilities.

The vision of FC Southend is to impact their community and the nation well “beyond sport”.  To this end they are embarking on campaigns that are designed to promote personal and community development and protect the environment.  Programs focusing on energy conservation through the use of compact fluorescent bulbs, food independence through home-based agriculture, health promotion via programs such as “Kicking AIDS Out” and “Ready & Able” are a few examples. The impact of these programs will be reflected in individuals through improved personal health, quality of life, and better social skills.  In the community, programs will result in better citizens, stronger families, and healthier social and physical environments.

Attending this Trinidad Bulk Traders Ltd sponsored clinic were Jay Mafukidze of UTT’s Academy of Sports & Leisure and Jennie Wong of Trinidad and Tobago’s Alliance for Sport and Physical Education (TTASPE). These organizations, along with FC South End, are at the forefront of the Sport for Development movement in Trinidad and Tobago.