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This year’s Red Bull Toe2Toe tournament winner, Keeron Benito was lost for words when he explained his once in a lifetime experience of meeting New York Red Bulls striker and French legend Thierry Henry in New York recently.

The TTEC attacking midfielder was crowned champion of the Red Bull Toe2Toe by defeating the other zonal winners throughout Trinidad and Tobago in October last year. He thanked sponsor Red Bull for fulfilling everything that was set on his three-day agenda.

“Everything went according to plan. Everything that Red Bull promised came to pass. Meeting Henry, going to the game (New York Red Bulls versus DC United), hotel accommodation (W, Hoboken) everything. I didn’t get a chance to actually hold a conversation with Henry but my dad and I got pictures with him. He was very busy preparing for his match the next day,” stated Benito.

Red Bull also provided him with another ticket to carry a friend on the trip. The TTEC player was happy with this addition and took along his dad to meet the Red Bulls striker.

“Getting to actually meet Henry is just a dream. I was really happy for this opportunity that Red Bull provided. What I appreciated even more than meeting Henry, was carrying my best friend, who is my dad, simply because Henry is his favourite player. Seeing him meet Henry was the highlight of my trip. He smiled all the way back to Trinidad,” Benito joked.

He then explained the aura of the much anticipated match between the Red Bulls and DC United.

“The football match was really good. Even though Red Bull did not win, the atmosphere was amazing. The energy of the spectators, seeing two great American clubs play and just being there was really out of this world,” continued Benito.

Benito was also able to see the New York-based club train and was rather surprised how the players carried about themselves through their sessions. He went on to suggest that local footballers look within themselves and adopt a better attitude toward their sporting discipline.

“Their attitude to practice — there was no small talk, no bickering between players, everyone was just focused. Even when they went for water they maintained a professional attitude. I think players in Trinidad and Tobago should look at these things and begin to implement it within themselves,” mentioned the Toe2Toe winner.

He added that the Red Bull officials who were with them and carried them on the tours were very helpful and friendly. They also took them on tours of Manhattan, which Benito explained as “out of this world”.

In conclusion, Benito thanked sponsors Red Bull for giving him an opportunity that surely was not wasted. He thanked all those involved in getting himself and his dad there and looked forward for more tournaments from the international energy drink.

“Thanks to Red Bull. They have made me and my dad experience something we never thought we would have. Honestly, if they have another Toe2Toe I may not participate because I really want some lucky youngster to experience what we did. Thank you Red Bull,” added Benito.