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JPFCThe show will go on says TT Pro League chief executive officer Dexter Skeene and the battle to develop  a sustainable full time professional football league will not be lost .

Skeene was speaking to following news of the withdrawal of Joe Public FC from the TT Pro League.

Skeene confirmed receiving an official letter from managing director of Joe Public FC Darryl Warner outlining the reasons for the withdrawal. He however declined to share details of Warner's letter ahead of a TT Pro League board of directors meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

Skeene assured the young footballers who aspire to earn a living from football that they can feel confident that there are people in the TT Pro League who will fight tooth and nail for professional football.

“I refuse to accept that local football is in a deep dark crisis. Far from it. We must remain focused and not lose concentration.

Pointing to the fact that the aim of the TT Pro League is to be in the vanguard of the drive to build a thriving sport industry, the Columbia University graduate believes that the TT Pro League will prove to its longstanding detractors and critics that it can be viable.

"Professional leagues around the world have survived wars, hurricanes and earthquakes, clubs folding and going bankrupt. Nowhere in the world is running a professional sports league easy.

Like any other industry there are always challenges. What is important is that we have a strategic plan to address obstacles and constraints. We must not lose sight of our goals and objectives. It takes an indomitable will and great resilience to build an industry from scratch. The TT Pro league will stay the course."

The 2011/2012 Digicel TT Pro League starts on Friday 26 August 2011 and Skeene is predicting an exciting season of pro league football.

"The ambition and vision to be the best remains alive. The competition among the eight teams will be very keen. In addition we will launch a new promotion for the Digicel Super Friday games. It will be bigger and better."

In addition to Joe Public FC, Mau Pau SC and FC SouthEnd are the other teams missing from the League's 2011/2012 fixture list.