Adam’s Construction San Juan Jabloteh received a roster boost ahead of the 2011-2012 season with the return of striker Jerol Forbes, midfielder Devon Jamerson and experienced defender Nigel Daniel.

The trio was part of new head coach Earl Carter’s pre-season picks that includes other former players Willis Plaza, Rashad Wint and Marvin Oliver.

Forbes, Plaza and Oliver were free agents after being sacked during the 2009-2010 season by former coach Terry Fenwick while Jamerson and Daniel are returning following stints at Joe Public and Wint at Police FC.

“I don’t want to use past coaches’ analogy going forward,” explained Carter, who is just five weeks into his coaching role at Jabloteh.

“In the case of Marvin Oliver a lot of questions were raised over why I brought him back. But what the outside world teaches us is to rehabilitate players. I try not to punish players unless it’s extreme.

“It’s just like I did with Marvin starting him at zero – giving a fair chance. And so far I’m very happy and seeing a lot of improvement. He has toned down a lot in his aggression and how he relates to his teammates.”

Carter commented on Forbes, Jamerson and Daniel adding, “I’ve never seen Forbes play. But he has a tremendous ability in striking the ball. However he is the only player on a month to month contract and that’s because of his fitness following injury. We need him to continuously work hard on regaining his fitness and keeping his place in the squad.

“As for Jamerson, the guy has good touches and is a player that we are happy to have. It’s just that he is too quiet on the field and needs to open up a lot.

“Daniel is struggling with some fitness with some recent injuries. But he has a huge role with us as one of the more experienced guys. He has been constantly working on his fitness and is looking better but not one hundred percent just yet. Fitness is a big demand in my system and he understands that.”

Remaining from last season’s squad are goalkeeping stalwart Cleon John, defenders Joel Leslie Russell, Karlon Murray, Jamal Jack and Sheldon Bateau, midfielders Kennedy Hinkson, Elijah Manners, Jason Marcano and Under 21 players Andrew Smith and Dillon Kirton.

Meantime the club welcomes newcomers Randy Britto(Police FC) and Kerron Edward(WASA FC) in defence.

England born midfielder Luke Gullick who featured in Fenwick’s squad two seasons ago, is also on Carter’s roster for the upcoming season.

And Carter seems very pleased with his bunch.

The former US based coach said, “What you’re going to definitely see is a good standard of football. I look for consistency in everything I do. We have to always tweak the attitudes because I believe that’s the only way football will develop, by developing the right attitude.

“I’m not worried about what other teams are doing. Once my players have the right attitude and approach, I’m not afraid of playing anyone.

“That’s the major factor for me. Once we can chance the attitude of players as coaches then we are doing well for football in Trinidad and Tobago.”

“I’m very comfortable (with the bunch of players). Of course it’s a work in progress. My players are very happy but in every group you will have the one or two bad apples and it’s my job to get the team to gel in the right way,” Carter concluded.