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If T&T were to play Argentina again tomorrow, midfielder Ataullah Guerra would not change his greeting towards Lionel Messi during the meeting of both teams before kick off.

That was the clear stance taken by the Central FC player as he explained his bowing action to the Barcelona star before T&T’s friendly international against Argentina in Buenos Aires last Wednesday.

“It wasn’t something that I planned to do before the game. It just happened. It happened out of my natural feelings of being on the same pitch with the four-time player of the world. I was just smiling in my mind and happy and proud for me and my family to be there. I was proud of myself to make that step forward in football. I only bowed because it was a form of respect to the player,” Guerra said.

Looking back at the two matches against Argentina and Iran, the man from East Dry River said the experience was second to none but is hopeful of T&T working its weak areas for future outings.

“We have to make sure we don’t give up easy goals. We have to keep working hard and take everything on board. We as players have to always stay focus and take in everything the coaches are passing onto us,” said Guerra.

“The experience of playing two World Cup teams will go a long way in helping our team for future competitions.”