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T&T’s all-time leading goalscorer Stern John says he was humbled by the special mention made about him by Roy Keane in the former Manchester United’s autobiography.

Keane’s comments were published in the British press last week as he spoke about John’s impact at Sunderland and explained how he had to let the player go for the incoming Kenwyne Jones.

“It was something I didn’t expect to be honest. Keane was always a tough number and we know there was a certain way he got on with players. But to hear him say something like this now feels good. I know when the time was coming for me to exit the club it was disappointing but I was able to still push on with my career at the time and that is what mattered most.

“My days in English football will always hold a special place in my career,” said John.

In the book, Keane described John as one of his best signings. “I knew he’d be a man, and he was one of the best men I’ve  come across. I knew he could deal with coming up to Sunderland. I knew he wouldn’t be coming into my office with, ‘Can I have a day off next week ‘cos my wife needs a scan?’ I knew I wouldn’t have to baby-sit him.

“A year or so later I was after Kenwyne Jones, and I told Stern, ‘I don’t want to sell you, but I’m trying to get Kenwyne Jones in and Southampton want you as part of the deal.”
“He said, ‘Okay, I’ll go for it. He stood up and shook my hand. Thanks for everything. And I went, ‘That’s why I signed you. A man. He was brilliant.”