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Dwight Yorke, Manchester United, Premier League and Trinidad & Tobago legend, has joined GEMS Education and the ESM Football Academy. His new role as ambassador will see him helping aspiring young footballers in Dubai to enhance their player development.

After a career spanning 20 years in English football, Dwight Yorke has played many significant development roles including being the Assistant Manager for Sunderland & Trinidad & Tobago. As a football analyst at major mediums and a current member of FIFA’s Development Committee, the 45-year-old has always had a long-term ambition to coach and especially to work with young players.

Dwight said: “As a member of the FIFA Development Committee, I am extremely passionate about helping young footballers achieve their immediate and long term goals. I can understand the challenges of playing football in a small country and really relate to their dreams of playing in the major football leagues around the world.

“Many young players and parents feel it’s not possible to have a future playing here in the UAE. I can tell you, coming from the Caribbean, anything is possible. To see what ESM Football Academy have been doing for the last 12 years in the UAE is very encouraging and it’s only going to get better. This is where it starts and we’ll be implementing the best options and methods for each player at the academy, to give them structure and the opportunity to have a bright future.”

GEMS Education and the ESM Football Academy have also partnered to launch the GEMS Football Cup in the GEMS Sport Series, which creates healthy and competitive sports capabilities among students within the GEMS network of schools. 

Sir Christopher Stone, Chief Education Officer, GEMS Education, said: "Having a sports legend like Dwight Yorke as a mentor is every young footballer’s dream come true! At GEMS Education, we welcome this excellent opportunity to develop our students’ extra-curricular sporting skills."

Dwight Yorke has been coached and managed by many great football tacticians, such as the magnificent Sir Alex Ferguson. He has combined his playing experience with the very best youth coaching methodology to offer young players at the ESM Football Academy the chance to develop individual technique and enhance vision and decision-making skills.

Managing Director at ESM Football Academy, James Bowring, said: “ESM Football will stick to its strong long-term vision of helping produce quality players in the UAE, and giving boys and girls the opportunities to consider a professional career in the ‘beautiful game’ post their studies.

“We all understand the importance of youth development of young players here in the UAE. Dwight Yorke will be a fantastic addition to our development programs, offering an invaluable insight in to playing at the highest level. This experience and view point will benefit the talent we have here and help produce new generation of players,” added Bowring.

Dwight Yorke will begin his role at ESM Football Academy mid-September 2017 and will be on the training ground at all ESM Football Academy venues, working with the Development Squads from the Early Touch Programs across the spectrum.

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