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Football / If Trinidad & Tobago were to play in the Premiership
« on: January 06, 2018, 12:55:36 PM »
All teams play 38 games. In order to avoid relegation, the magic number is 40pts. This is what all teams outside the top aim for at the start of the season.

Now if we take a look at the last 38 games Trinidad and Tobago played (throwing out the last 2 Caribbean friendlies after the Russia campaign ended), stretching back to the Guatemala game on July 9th, 2015, we have a record of 11 wins, 7 draws and 20 losses.

Translated into points, this equals 40.

We have scored 58 goals and conceded 70.

In other words, if we were in a professionally competitive environment, Trinidad and Tobago would more than likely be relegated, or at best, get away on the last day of the season.

For the people who keep going on searching for a magic bullet to explain our performances and ultimate failures, over the course of this much games, teams generally end up in a position that reflects their truth.

Coming last in the HEX yet again is not due to the failure of Dennis Lawrence, Stephen Hart, Saint Fete, David John Williams, the Govt, the players, the sponsors, us supporters, etc. It a combination of ALL OF THE ABOVE added to the fact that there are teams that are plain and simple better than us.

We are West Brom. Costa Rica, USA, Mexico are Manchester City, Man Utd and Chelsea.

There is now talk of a league of nations for CONCACAF. Objectively, we should be in the second tier of countries in this league.

For us to achieve one off success, i.e. a single successful qualification, we need a crop of players that statistically come along once in a generation and we need an injection of cash to fund a program where we can afford a world class coach like in 2005 who has experience in getting more out of a collective team than the sum of individual parts.

To achieve sustainable success, i.e. multiple qualifications, deep Gold Cup runs, e.g. Costa Rica, we need an injection of cash to get the right administrators in place (foreigners) to figure out how we can make a football program profitable over the long term. And strategies based on how teams with similar contexts as us, e.g. Costa Rica, Iceland, Leceister etc are able to over-achieve.

Sad to say, we have seen what we are capable of when we have a football Godfather funding the program.
Anything else and we just playing and hoping.

Football / Football Heads - Answer me this one
« on: July 18, 2015, 05:08:45 PM »
15 years ago, T&T played Mexico in the Gold Cup first round. BSC was the coach. We had on paper, perhaps the best team in a decade:


This was the era when we had our longest unbeaten streak in history, and playing some awesome football under BSC. For the first time ever I saw a Trinidad team play with no fear and attack Mexico all game. Naive, but entertaining, because we had the players to do so.

Needless to say we lost the game 0-4. Rafa Marquez I think scored the first goal for them, dont think he was quite at Barca yet.

But the thing I remember about that game was although we got beat bad on the records, the game was a different story. Many people were saying the game could have ended 4-4 if we had some luck. Remember a few key misses, Yorke penalty retake, etc. We went on to get 3rd place that competition. BSC as we all know was fired by Warner, saying he was too naive in his approach and T&T football shook his head as we were playing the best ball we had played in years.

Fast forward now 15 years later and check the result of the last game vs Mexico.
All things being equal, and no disrespect to the current team, these players would barely shine the boots of that 2000 squad in terms of individual pedigree.

So what is different now? Has Mexico fallen so badly?
Do we now have a much better TEAM of 11?
2015 luck vs 2000 luck?

Football / What can we learn from Costa Rica?
« on: July 19, 2014, 01:36:19 PM »
Costa Rica is the perfect case study for our football program to try to emulate - similar scale small-population (<5 mil) and regional relevance history. They qualified for the first time in 1990 when we should have been accompanying them. Since then, they missed the next 2 WC's in the 90's but got back on track and qualified for 3 of the next 4. This all culminated with their quarter final run in this WC.

So as a nation, what has CR done that we can learn from?

They could have easily turned out into one of the one hit wonders like Jamaica, Canada, Cuba, and hell even T&T it seems...

But what is the reason that they got back on track and have now established themselves as the bonafide number 3 team in the region? Is it down to the raw talent pool that is born there, or more down to the administration? 

In my field of work, success-failure analyses are critical to keep improving, do we have an effort focused on studies like this?

I would imagine it falls in the Technical Director's shop. Do we know what these guys do in fine detail in terms of their everyday running of their football?

Or do we simply rely on our "own way" of doing something? Are we too proud to establish links with the likes of CR, Mexico, Honduras etc to learn from them...

If we fail to qualify for 2018, we can officially be regarded as a one hit team, or a one-generation team
to put it more positively, ie wait once every generation for a golden crop and simultaneous opponents dip in form to make a real run at the WC.

Since I know myself, I know CR beating us very badly in youth matches. My only memory of us ever beating them at senior level is the Gold Cup extra time win in 2000 I think. They are one of the few teams ever to have beaten Mexico in Mexico City. And they usually split their series with the US.

This is the team we need to train our guns on to emulate.

If we are to ever return to a World Cup, it is their spot we need to take.

All this recent focus on how teams tactically neutralising Barcelona is also insightful on how teams like T&T can and SHOULD play when we visit Central America. In the case of Mexico and Costa Rica especially, doesnt matter if is home or away, we have seen exactly how to play teams that will control the ball against us...

First of all, all the love the world has for Barca because of their silky possession football, this style s not for everyone, Trinidad and Tobago included. Its just not our style to play like that. We like to watch it on tv, but we are incapable of playing like that. We do not have the discipline nor technique to play that kinda football. The Latin Americans (following Spain too) realise that they are inferior physically to the north americans and caribbean countries, hence that their style of controlling the ball with more technique and less touch passing. Trinidad is a lot more like Germany or England in terms of approach, we rely on individual strength a lot.
If any team in world football sets a defense like what Chelsea did yesterday, T&T will have no clue what to do. We do not have the patience or discipline to play in a compressed offensive half (akin to half court sets in basketball) against a set defense. Instead we rely on an open running game to ketch teams on the counter to beat them.
But what Chelsea and madrid show is how to neutralise a team that will always have the ball more than us and have better players technically than us. Having the actual players of the quality to carry his gameplan through is another question. But at least its a plan to aspire toward.
With regard to the counter attacking perspective, we have that naturally with them speedy gonzales players we always produce (the finishing quality is a different matter though).
Whenever T&T play top concacaf teams, we always look like he hanging on, chasing the game, one play from getting a red card, and one play from getting scored on. The Chelsea and Madrid displays should be the benchmark we aspire to play when in Central America.
At the end of the day, you cannot lose if you do not concede.
Against Mexico, we will never control the ball, and they will always attempt to pull us out and open us up. One big difference between Mexico and Barcelona though is Barca's inability to shoot with quality from outside the box, while that is second nature for Mexico. This adds another complexity to how you stifle them.

Beenhakker was the only coach who came closest to instilling this sort of tactical play for T&T. One little aside is that leo Beenhakker won La Liga 3 years in a row with Madrid in the late 80's, therefore it is not surprising he has the know how to get it done and bring success to moderate teams like T&T. With a bit of luck, we could have picked points off both Sweden and England. Thats what a $50,000USD a month coach vs local gives you.
Thats what Beenhakker vs Sweden (0-0) gives you compared to BSC who tried to take on Mexico and lost 0-4 in the Gold Cup.

I hope Cornmeal, Eve et al taking note, if not we will continue to be like Man Utd and trying to take on Barca  in the wrong way and getting cutarse. In our case we will not be losing tournament finals, we will just continue to be the beating boys in WCQ's and Gold Cups.

Cricket Anyone / West Indies vs Australia 2012 Thread
« on: March 15, 2012, 08:20:16 AM »
On the eve of the start of 5 ODI's and 3 tests,
What are the predictions?

Good measure of where we are against the top side in ODI's...

Windies team for first 3 ODI's:
Darren Sammy (capt), Denesh Ramdin (vc), Tino Best, Devendra Bishoo, Darren Bravo, Dwayne Bravo, Johnson Charles, Sunil Narine, Kieron Pollard, Kieran Powell, Kemar Roach, Andre Russell, Marlon Samuels
Johnson Charles, Tino Best, Devendra Bishoo, Dwayne Bravo

We wanted precedence, we should follow closely..

courtesy soccernet

Palmer forms rebel football organisation
March 1, 2012
Mining magnate Clive Palmer has created his own soccer organising body which he wants to replace Football Federation Australia following the axing of his A-League club Gold Coast United.

Clive Palmer's latest antics have caused outrage in Australia

Palmer announced on Thursday he's formed an independent organisation know as Football Australia and hired former A-League chief Archie Fraser as its chief executive.

Palmer said his organisation had already been registered with the Australian Investment and Securities Commission (ASIC) and was created to "oversee football at a grassroots and senior level and ensure the game is operated with transparency and fairness."

He said Football Australia aimed to replace FFA, which he claimed was incompetent at both a domestic and international level.

"The FFA has lurched from one disaster to another and needs to be replaced," Palmer said.

"They staged a hugely embarrassing World Cup bid which blew $46 million of taxpayers' money for one vote and they are running an A-League competition which is bleeding money from club owners.

"The fans, players and people with a passion for football in Australia deserve better and Football Australia will be based on full transparency and corporate governance.

"We want to ensure there is fairness in the game for all stakeholders and end the dictatorship that the game has endured under the FFA."

Palmer said he had secured "one of the best administrators in Australian sport" in Fraser, who resigned as head of the A-League in 2010 after more than a year in the role having joined from AFL club St Kilda.

Palmer reaffirmed his intention to challenge FFA's decision to revoke his A-League licence in the courts.

Wednesday's FFA decision came after Palmer continued to defy the FFA, which had issued the Gold Coast with a breach notice for contravening a direction not to use "Freedom of Speech" logos on Skilled Park signage and their players' jerseys last weekend.

Palmer had also been outspoken over the past fortnight in his criticism of the code and FFA's running of the game.

"It was a disgraceful move by Frank Lowy and the FFA as we weren't given adequate notification or a fair hearing," Palmer said on Thursday.

"I am confident that decision can be successfully challenged and we owe it to the Gold Coast supporters and players to keep the club in a national competition.

"The FFA has just decided to cut Gold Coast adrift because Lowy and his chief henchman Ben Buckley want a team in greater western Sydney, even though they are a million miles behind the NRL and the AFL."

Palmer said he also had concerns over FFA's ability to negotiate a new TV deal, with the current contract with Fox Sports due to expire at the end of next season.

Football / I shoulda gone to Germany....
« on: November 28, 2011, 11:29:11 AM »
To those here who made the trip, I envy you.

And here I was actually telling myself that more was to come, small thing.

Now we might have to wait until the Caribbean gets an automatic spot before we challenge again seriously.

Truth is nobody know whether they will be around for the next time we hit a World Cup.

Brazil would have been ideal, now man have to think about going to flikkin Russia or in the desert.

But I have a  plan..... I will now lower my standards and look at the Gold Cup as my World Cup and go the games there once we qualify. If not, maybe then the Caribbean Cup.. At least the next one is in Antigua, that will be sweet...But wait, do we have to qualify for the tournament?? Lord.

I hope the TTFF and whoever running it put in a bid for the next tournament after that. It seems we can beat Caribbean teams at home based on our current unbeaten record.

Ato Boldon is a genius - track star turn documentary producer and put out a DVD and even autograph it and thing, cause he see that it woulda potentially be a one time thing. Talk about seeing an opportunity. Good hustle!

Wish the politicians and administrators could have some sense like him. I remember after Germany at the celebration in the Stadium to welcome back the Warriors, Manning say no expense will be spared for the team to achieve South Africa 2010 and it was a national objective! Crowd gone mad.
What a waste.

And I was thinking we cldnt get worse than flag-man Gary Hunt, now Spalk saying Govt not going to pay national coach international salary range until we competing for a WC spot. Just sums up the short-sightedness of administration in our country. We doomed to repeat the same strategy that we have used since 1991, and then wonder why we cant consistently perform at a high level at all national levels.

CONCACAF is blessed with one-hit wonders in international football - Canada, Honduras, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, El Salvador, now T&T join this elite group. Maybe we just hadda accept that qualifying for a World Cup is actually exceeding expectations for our football programme?

The one good thing about the current state of affairs is that it cannot get any worse, well actually yes, if we dont even qualify for the Caribbean Cup next year. But we now have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to put something in place. So when next qualifiers come around, will we hear the same ole excuses about not enough preparation.

I wonder if Ato did a documentary on the trip to Guyana ?

Football / Players names on their shirts
« on: August 28, 2011, 11:17:03 AM »
I feel we should allow our national team to let players put they nickname on their shirts.
Imagine a man name Javier Hernandez Balcazar have Chicarito on his shirt.
I aint even going to talk about the brazilians or spanish players...
This gives it a much more personal touch that true fans can identify with...

What are some of the T&T players nicknames you woulda love to see on a national shirt??

Latas or Magician
Corn Curls
Me Mum


Football / Which is the better goal?
« on: April 18, 2009, 04:41:16 PM »
We all know who we would choose as the better player, but from these 2, which goal is better?




Football / Ex National Youth Footballer killed
« on: December 29, 2008, 02:58:02 PM »
Yet again, we have lost another soul from our beloved land of T&T.
My bregrin, Aaron Catlyn, was killed this morning early, in Chaguanas, in an apparant shootout between 2 sets of men...
His life story is as follows:
born and bred in monte grande tunapuna to a very poor family.
Went to Tunapuna RC, started playing football and was a standout with a very good left foot.
Went onto Curepe JS in the early 90's, captained all the teams there, then onto St Augustine where he was an integral part of a very good team in the mid-late 90's under coach Kenny.
Was one half of the central midfield with Addae Rique. Caught the eye of the national U17 youth setup, played some games with them and was in training to go to mexico sometime in the mid 90's, but ruptured his ankle a couple days before departure. The rest as they say is history...Tried hard to get back in the game but was never the same, eventually falling off and settling for the odd super league and UWI league ball...Became a very good mechanic, found a wife, had 2 kids, put on a pot-belley and started a new dream of opening his own garage, for which he was working 7 days a week to try to achieve.
Wrong place and the wrong time, with the wrong set of people put that dream to an end.
You would never meet a more gentle human being than him. Even on the field, he had the utmost respect for the game. A gifted left foot, and poise in central midfield, he could have been in the era of Stern John and Mickey Trotman.
Just goes to show how many of our players and potential talent we are losing, either by a system that is not good enough to help our players through the roughest time of thier careers - post injury- , or by a social system that has killed over 500 T&T youths who could be the next potential Russel Latapy...
T&T, we are going nowhere in a hurry.

2010 World Cup - South Africa / Mexico eyeing hosting of 2010 WC
« on: July 13, 2008, 06:44:48 AM »
most likely, everything in SA will work out in the end, but could u imagine if the WC came to Mexico and what would that mean to the rest of the region - qualification especially.
Jamaica must be praying like cray right now.


Mexico is ready and willing to host the 2010 World Cup should South Africa be unable to host the event, according to the general secretary of the nation's governing body Decio De Maria.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter recently claimed three countries were in line to step in should South Africa not be ready for the tournament in two years' time.

Fears over South Africa's preparations have arisen since it emerged the new stadium in Port Elizabeth had fallen behind schedule and would not be ready in time to stage Confederations Cup games next summer.

The Mexican Football Federation (FMF) won the rights to host the 2011 Under-17 World Cup and De Maria said with work well underway to improve the nation's stadia they would be equipped to host FIFA's showpiece event if required.

'We have said it more than once. We enjoy being hosts, we have the stadiums and, if it happens, we will be ready to the call,' De Maria told goal.com.

'We have already raised our hand. They gave us the organisation of the Under-17 World Cup and now we have to wait FIFA's final decision.

'We have always mentioned that we are a country with infrastructure, with resources and with great fans.

'For that we made a huge work to host the Under-17 tournament in 2011. Mexico's credentials are there.'

Mexico has hosted two World Cup tournaments previously - in 1970 and 1986.

Football / Match Report from Trini & Patriot.
« on: June 15, 2008, 06:36:47 PM »
ok, i might have the record for the fatest game report as i live so near the stadium.

Got there 1hr before the game and again with a heavy hand paid the $300 to get in.

Nothing much in the atmosphere before the game, even the Ja game was more vibesy.

Warm ups - T&T looking kinda sluggish, i telling meh partners like we eat a big lunch.
The bermuda players doing their warm ups on the other end only watching our players, almost like they in awe a bit.

Teams come out, bermuda anthem play, like them dont even stand at attention for they own anthem, everybody arms behind back looking lackadasical.Our turmn, the announcer say the sing lustily with patriotism, i say he vibsing up the crowd, next thing he start singing with no music, almost bawling over the mike,. Well the whole stadium crack up. But we find we aint hearing the music, wha u think, they aint have no instrumentals, we have to sing the anthem acapella yes. Well that was a first, but the announcer on the mike playing pavarotti and trying to sing with some serious notes, but it sounding real bad. whole anthem people laughing at the man.

Jack come out and meeting the players - fellas, i real maco how he greet the T&T players, u could clearly see he was not the least bit amused to shake their hands.It have real thing going on that we dont know about.He wass more friendly toward the bermuda players. U could see the tension when he shaking the T&T players hands, almost like he just doing it cause he have to..

Game time - T&T start decent, u could see the difference in team cohesion. i get a sense that the T&T players feel they were a class above the bermudans. Boy were they in for a surprise.
We have decent possession, the only weak link is the right back who i think might have been telesford. Is he being playing out of position? Cause he is a better player than that. Bermuda get a counter-attack, and like the right back usher and escort the bermuda winger to the t7t penalty box. cross whip over, nobody in the centre, one - nil.

Crown gone quiet.
The 7 bermudans in the crowd screaming.

Well we say no probs, it will make t&T play with more attacking purpose instaed of just trying to play possession. But u could see everybody tense cause of the away goal.
T&T then start to attack in sustained pressure, the bermudans playing on the break. Now Bermuda is a team that shock me. They have some very fast, strong players, who are individually not that far from our players. They have a fat man who playing last stopper for them though, i remember the criicket player they had for the world cup, but was handling his stories.
Carlos is now a shadow of his old self. Maybe its just he have the injuries in the back of his mind, but i expected more from him. He got a couple clear chances on goal and muffed it. At times he was caught over dribbling, at times, he was passing off too quickly. But he will still our most effective player. After some sustained pressure, a ball was whipped in the center to stern who chest trap real nice and in a sublime move held off the tackles and sloted past the keeper. 1-1, crowd gone mad.
The announcer make some announcement that stern scored his 67-68 goal and now tied or passed gerd muller for some spot on the all time record.
T&T then start to dominate even more looking for the second, u could see bermuda starting to wilt under the running and stress. Here is where i start thinking we would run them off the pitch, it was a big different in class.
then out of nowhere, they got a counter, again advantaging the right back and whipped in the cross. Ince went for it and fell clumisly/collided with some players and was out cold. The ball went out to a brmuda player who sized uo for the shot and like the T&T team waiting for the ref to blow for treatment to the keeper. but the whistele never came and the attacker slotted it in - 2-1.
Well is now the cussing start, players surrounding the ref, very reminiscent of the game vs jamaica last week.
Ince was out for 5 mins clear, but he got up and got a cheer.Still 2-1 now though.
Everybody was like oh gosh, but u could see the class in T&T above them, so no worries. I was expecting to go in the half 2-1 up, now i hoping for the equaliser, but it never came.
half time - 2-1 bermuda.

second half, u could see bermuda camping out in defense and playing on the counter. They are a dangerous team on the break as they have some powerful, smart players. So although we were attacking all the second half, we always had to be keeping an eye on the counter-attack. They are that good, they kept us worried all times.
We got about 3 clear chances to equalise, including stern in injury time, but he now has a candidate for miss of the year.
We looked good in spurts, but at times very atrocious. Bermuda ran us evenly, even pressuring us for moments, u could see the T&T team was better, but just lacking the final last touch to break the stubborn, camped bermuda defense. Scottie hit  a man a nice spin cap from aball on the ground, that was the highlight. We missed hyland real bad in the second half, dont know why he was subbed, injury?
He and carlos were interchanging wings, reminiscent of the last WC campaign, which was nice to see.
But for all our team tactical superiority, we looked very dull right in front goal.
Still we should have won or at least drawn, based on our superiority.
Thoughts for the return - i am a bit worried. Bermuda will undoubtedly defend for their lives as we have to win by 2 clear goals...And we need to get that spark in front goal and work on finishing. It is possible, but bermuda have now shown that they can play football and defend very respectably.
I am extremely disappointed in the result, cause we should not be playing around with teams like this, and to be honest, anyone who saw the game will tell u a 2 goal win is not guaranteed in the return.
Bermuda celebrated as if they qualified for the WC, I really really hope we get our act together in front of goal.
The right back also must be dropped.
Lawrence and Hislop also have some kinks in cohesion and also with Ince.
Say allyuh prayers, its going to be a very very interesting return leg.
Waiting for Touches report.

Football / I hate to be saying "I TOLD YOU SO", but....
« on: March 26, 2008, 03:19:13 PM »

especially the last line....

In no uncertain terms, Sunderland screwed us royally.

PS - Bake n Shark, so what about your golden FIFA rule?

Football / RF - This is why Ja dont host CFU club championships !
« on: February 18, 2008, 07:52:26 AM »
As March 26 approaches....


Thankfully, similar scenes were absent 2 years ago when jabloteh buss arnett gardens 3-1 in Kingston to win 6-2 on aggregate

ALl this talk about England and capello, how would we feel if an american was given the top job to coach us?

Or Mexican? Costa Rican?

Or even a Jamaican?

And dont come with the idealogy of supposed football pedigree.
Sven Goran Ericsson comes from a country that doesnt really do well on the world stage to coach a country that has actually won a world cup....
Not to mention Jose Mourinho...

Football / State of T&T COllege Ball
« on: November 29, 2007, 07:46:31 PM »
Especially for all the men from foreign, the season now ending, and if is one thing I have to comment on....all the commentators keep talking about how the standard of the league has improved.
There is a lot, A LOT of talk about individual players this year.

I didnt see any games in its entirety, but I saw lots of highlights, and I must say, some of the plays look real class.
The guy from El Do, Gay, the tall forward, that man is real poison. He score 2 gials vs CIC, the second one look like an EPL top striker, turning man, and off with pace from half line and clinical finishing. Definitely one to watch.
I saw Manners from San Juan, he looks real impressive too, although I hear he real old, like 18-19 or something like that.
There is a forward from Naps, forget he name, start with W, real dread too.
The CIC players look impressive too, their play look real classy, no wonder they reach far.
Plus lots of other players there was talk about.
Some visitors to TT who were here even commented on how good the quality of the highlights looked at times.
I am one of the may who bash the SSFL, but i'll be honest and say from what I saw, and the papers reports and listening the commmentary, there seems to be a little extra optimisn and enthusiam about our scool footballers this season.

Looking forward to the intercol final next Tue.

Football / I have seen the future
« on: June 28, 2007, 07:06:08 PM »
People, I have seen the saviour for T&T's football, his name is David Beckham.

It is already written in the stars, destiny to be fulfilled.

This is what will happen in the very near future::

LA Galaxy with David Beckham wins MLS

They qualifiy for CONCACAF Champions Cup.

Down south, JOE PUBLIC wins the PFL.

Public qualifies for CONCACAF Champions Cup.

Draw sees JPublic playing home and away vs LA Galaxy.

Game set for Marvin Lee Stadium in Macoya.

The world is watching CONCACAF's version of Champions League.

Traffic on the highway gridlock, cause 30,000 people want to see Becks play in T&T and Warner stadium only holds 3000.

Kobe Bryant, Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes, as well as some Hollywood big wigs come down to cheer on their bud Becks.

Warner has a lot of fanfare for the game, saying this is a next dream of his come through for local football, as the game is being shown worldwide and he making some more $$ on the side.

Game start, Beckam and Dwarika battling each other.

Beckham hit a shot and it land in Tunapuna RC.

One of his crosses is slightly overhit and lands direct in the cemetery on top of bunka.

Cyd Gray, who transferred to Joe Public, inevitably breaks David Beckham's leg.

Game done, Becks gone Tunapuna Health Center, then transferred to a hospital with bed facilities.

He is visited by none other than Brian Lara and he buddy Yorkie.

La Galaxy sue Joe Public and the TT PFL for wildness and unsportsman like behaviour, cause they will lose millions through Beckham's injury. That broken right leg is worth about $300 million TT.

TT PFL, Joe Public and Jack Warner forced into bankruptcy.

The era of jack the ripper has ended.

T&T football is saved!

The End.

Allyuh, start praying.

Football / Jamaica on Aisa tour
« on: June 21, 2007, 04:58:15 AM »

Jamaica have some nice friendlies coming up - Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Iran.

I hope they aint send out elephants to play them  ;D

Wonder whats next for us.

I hope they aint going to wait for a soluion to the impasse before they arrange new games, that could take a while.

The main goal is 2010 WC, and to make a good run at that, we need a good, deep squad of about 18 players minimum, between which there should be no real drop off in quality. MINIMUM.

As I said before the Gold Cup could yet prove a very useful scenario, as the steepest part of the learning curve has now been undertaken by the locals....

Football / So if Span's freekick had scored just before HT
« on: June 09, 2007, 06:32:03 PM »
If that freekick had scored just before half time, what would have been the after-effect?

That free kick make the first one vs El Salvador look ordinary in terms of the swerve on it.

Did you all see how Keller initially move to his right and the ball just reverse in mid flight to his left? Lord Have mercy!

I have seen many swervers that confuse keepers in the past, but this one was a true banana!

Definitely one to rival the great Roberto Carlos' free kick...

If only....

Football / Lets suppose for a minute
« on: June 01, 2007, 05:36:54 AM »
The general feeling on the board is that the TTFF diss the WC players, and we going into battle in what is a true T&T "B" team.
Everyone kinda supports the new team and hopes for the best, but deep down, I dont think we are expecting them to take the tournament by storm.
We have historically not done well here and always sent in our big guns.
But there is a lingering feeling that if the full WC team had gone, we coulda really challenge the status quo this time around.

But lets just suppose that this new look T&T team does well....what will follow?
Will we start thinking of discarding our Warriors for a brand new generation of T&T ballers?
How will we mix the old with the new?
Or will we simply do like in the past and forget nearly all the new players and go for the overseas players once they become available....?

We are grouped with the US, Guatemala and El Salvador.
US - We always look forward to these games, and hope we can beat the favoured yanks. But looking at their roster, they are comign with their strongest team. We will be very hard pressed to beat them.

El Sal and Guat - Historically, we have done about 50-50 against these teams. Just based on that, and a decent coach in WIM, I dont see us that much far away from beating at least one of these teams.

There are 3 groups, top 2 from each qualify, PLUS the two best 3rd placed teams.
In other words, the odds of making the second round is 8 in 12 or 66%.
These are not bad odds.
We might have a 99.9% local team, but we must rememebr that we are now a recently added WC pedigree team. A T&T second 11 should be capable of at least making the second round in a regional competition.
If we can do that, it shows we have some decent depth here in T&T.
If we cant, it shows that the T&T over the last 2 years really only had about 15 footballers.
As a matter of fact, we should theoretically be able to at least make it past the first round...

Its a good test for our pro-league as well. Our teams usually reach fairly far in the Champions Cup, so some of these players have shown they can perform.

The team is young, inexperienced and almost exclusively local (only 1 of the 23 plays outside). But if we were to pick a local team, I am sure that these are the players that we would choose (maybe we will miss Hardest and some might argue Marvin Oliver). But for the most part, it is our best local based team at the moment.

By force, this gives WIM a very interesting scenario.

in all likliehood, the dispute will be settled by the time the serious WC qualifiers begin next year.
Of the blacklisted players, we will forever hold them as our heroes and never forget them. But a lot of them are fairly advanced in age.
The blacklisted players include:
Clayton Ince, Stern John, Dennis Lawrence, Carlos Edwards, Jason Scotland, Marvin Andrews, Kelvin Jack, Chris Birchall, Kenwyne Jones, Brent Sancho, Cornell Glen, Aurtis Whitley and Cyd Gray.
How many pf them will be in their prime in 2 years time?

These friendlies and tournaments gives the coach a real nice opportunity to scout for another 8-10 players who could compliment the core of blacklisted players mentioned above.

If the team does well, or at a minimum we have a couple players really stand out, then we will have something to work with going into the future.

Realistically speaking, we will not have WON the Gold Cup, Mexico and USA have their strongest teams...So its pretty much a matter of how far we would have progressed...

Lets hope we can get something out of these circumstances and build for the next 3 years...

T&T Gold Cup Team:
GK: Marvin Phillip (North East Stars), Daurance Williams (San Juan Jabloteh), Jan Michael Williams (W Connection FC)
DF: Dwayne Jack (San Juan Jabloteh), Thomas Nickcolson (W Connection FC), Anthony Noreiga (Joe Public FC), Trent Noel (San Juan Jabloteh), Seon Power (Joe Public FC), Keyeno Thomas (Joe Public FC), Glenton Wolffe (North East Stars)
MD: Romauld Aguillera (United Petrotrin), Christon Baptiste (Defence Force), Kerry Baptiste (Joe Public FC), Keon Daniel (United Petrotrin), Andrei Pacheco (W Connection FC), Silvio Spann (W Connection FC), Densill Theobald (Caledonia AIA)
AT: Gary Glasgow (Joe Public FC), Kendall Jagdeosingh (North East Stars), Errol McFarlane (Superstar Rangers), Darryl Roberts (Sparta Rotterdam/NED), Andre Toussaint (W Connection FC)
Coach: Wilhelmus RIJSBERGEN

Football / Paging Reggaefan and Jamaica 2099
« on: May 27, 2007, 08:15:09 PM »
U guys have practically evaporated over the last few weeks.

Is Crenston Boxhill still in office after the loss to T&T U17?

Will you guys be following the Gold Cup?

RF - U going to any of the T&T games with the T&T bandwagon?  :D
I might be in Windsor sometime next month...

If I not mistaken, Ja has a game vs Chile or something like that sometime soon ?

I know its tough times for Ja football these days, but on the bright side, Sportsmax has now become a Trini staple for sports fans here....And passa passa  is the new craze in Trini now, with about 3 party sessions planned over the next 10 days...

Football / Stats for some top players
« on: April 26, 2007, 08:33:24 AM »
I was watching the EPL preview show on Mon nite, and one of the features was a new technology that tracks all 22 players on the field and records some serious data on their play...Its some high tech thing using a whole set of cameras and computer technology.
It measures the distance covered by players, percentage of passes that are accurate, also gives an activity map of the hottest places on the pitch where a particular player is, etc etc, it look real dread.

Christiano Ronaldo covered over 10km in the game on Sat gone ! (vs Middlesboro I think)

Could u believe that? Lord.

Steven Gerard I think was closing in on 12km.

That is remarkable, considering plenty of that is sprinting, and u still hadda control, pass and shoot.

Wonder how Stern john's stats will look like  ;D

Football / Our Goalkeeping situation
« on: March 16, 2007, 05:05:45 PM »
we not hearingmuch about Jack and Ince these days, wonder what they up too...

I aint goh lie, I aint really have faith in Williams, i know he get player of the season and thing, and everybody going on about how much potential he have....But I not really that impressed.

Maybe I just spoiled by the consistency of Shaka and Jack, but i just see highlights of the digicel cup final, and both of them goals was William's fault.

Then i remember the game vs Austria, that was even more embarassing...

Why cant we give marvin phillip a couple starts?

Odda than that, I hope Jack and Ince on standby for the Gold Cup....

to take T&T to the next level, who would it be?

Serious thing ladies and gents.

Do we have anyone in T&T with a track record of turning anything he/she touches into gold?

All this talk about Warner and Camps...and we all dissatisfied...But who could we see doing a better job?

Going based on just percieved love and respect for the game, if I hadda call a name right now, it will have to be Lincoln Philips.

That is the only man I could see with some level of respect and following that could challenge Camps and Warner.

And on this new committee, there has to be a guy by the name of Inshan Mohammed, in some capacity...

Allyuh could say I just talking on jus emotion, but trus me, I dead serious.

Something has to change very soon in our national football administration... Or we jus hadda hope UNC win the next election....

Football / In 18 years of following T&T football
« on: January 11, 2007, 09:30:31 AM »
I have never seen an upcoming craibbean tourney where so many teams genuinely believe they can beat T&T and win the thing outright.

We have just qualified and participated at the highest level of worl football, something none of these other 7 teams have come close to doing in the modern era (post 1970's). That is a helluva stripe to have, and just based on this we would command great respect from some of these other supposedly "inferior" teams. But I dont think we are favourites to win, simply because of the present circumstances of the team composition.

Lets just forget the current team selection problems for a moment, some stuff to ponder:
1) If Mexico was to host the UNCAF or whatever they call it in Central America, and field a 2nd grade team, playing at home, would they still be considered favourites? I think they would. And that is the difference between us and them.

2) Rememebr in the 2002 WC drive, our first game was vs jamaica in Kingston. We had assembled our best team on paper, perhaps in history up to that point...Dwight just netted a hattrick vs Arsenal a few days before, but Ja - fielding a team that included perhaps 2 first choice players at max - beat us. Can we do the same to them if the roles were reversed? Thats the difference between T&T and Ja.

3) This bunch of players will have been training together for about 6 weeks at the start of the tourney on Friday...by T&T standards, that is a lifetime. It is one of our better prepared national teams in recent memory. If we flob big time, what conclusions can we draw from that? 1) Our local based players just cant cut it, or 2) The 6 week camp did not fulfil its purpose, and the services of the technical staff will be called into question.

Everyone thinking of the negatives, the stuff from jabloteh, etc etc, but anyone stop to wonder if we actually do well in this competition? What will that mean?

For one, it will be very disheartening for the rest of the Caribbean..That they cannot compete with a supposed 3rd string T&T team.
The mental boost it will give the technical staff and all players involved (foreign and local) will be immeasureable.

I see this as an excellent opportunity to see where our local guys stand against moderate opposition. We have been hearing for the past couple years that our locals dont cut it, our PFL is not good enough. Well, its an excellent time now to pass judgement on that now. No excuses, the team has been in some very good preperation.

Personally, I would love us to win the competition...
But logically thinking and going on history, i dont know if it will happen.... Getting a Gold Cup place is an absolute must. It isnt that hard, 4 teams qualify, we just have to get out the group stage.
Cuba, Martinique and Haiti are top teams. Guadelupe and Bim in our group I know will be competitive. We kinda lucky ja got knocked out in retrospect.
I know to myself that our first team will make mincemeat of all these other teams, maybe the top 3 I called before will be competitive....So lets be secure in that and hope for the best over the next 2 weeks.

Lets see what our locals and the PFL can do....

If we are to be considered a top CONCACAF team like Mex and the US, we have to start proving that we have more that 16-18 players from T&T who can play football.

Football / Jack Warner on CNC 3 last night...
« on: January 03, 2007, 05:24:44 AM »
Watched the sports show on CNC 3 last night hosted by Roger Sant.
His guest was Jack Warner.
Some of the highlights of the interview were:

1) Jack has been paying the T&T technical staff salary since July 2006…still no official word from Govt on what they going to do. JW said after Jan 07, he will not continue this gesture.

2) Over the next 4 years, the TTFF will need ~$30million to adequately prepare teams for their respective tourneys (camps, friendlies, travel, fees, etc etc). Nothing has been heard from Govt yet on the matter, although the budget was submitted last July.

3) The players strike was the work of 2-3 players with agendas. Dwight Yorke was not the instigator, as JW said money is of little consequence to him. He went on to say that no other players in the history of T&T football history was treated as good as these players….. Time will tell on this situation, but it looks like he is a bit sad about the whole situation.

4) FINALLY, someone else besides me has come out and described T&T's qualification last year for Germany as a lucky hit! JW described it as a lucky abberation, and it will not happen again, we need to get our house in order from now. When we play Ja in a couple years time and if they beat us, let us not cry, cause they have a fixed program already, hired a US million dollar a year coach in Bora, while T&T still can't get any sponsors to help its team. What a shame for a team that participated in the WC 6 months ago.

5) For the U17 WC qualification in Ja in April, 3 of 5 competing teams will qialify, that very good odds. JW disclosed all the other teams are in camps/tours and training in prep..T&T's is waaaay behind on that isue.

6) T&T dropped the ball in terms of football development coming out after the WC.

7) JW was told to stay away from local cricket and planning.

8) JW has had some contact with beenhakker since the WC, but in terms of technical support - NIL, mainly because of lack of funding to make official proposals and draw up plans.

9) JW and Blazer begged for CONCACAF's 4th place team to remain playing Asia, as they all agreed that South America's 5th placed team will be much more difficult. FIFA used the argument that the long travel times was too much of a factor in CONCACAF-ASIA, with a huge disadvantage for the team playing away from home in the first leg.

10) JW approached a local TV station to convince them to bring more coverage of the pro-league games, to build up interest...they rejected it. Says Dexter Skeene is really trying hard, but cant do it by himself.

11) Says that Joe Public players may be getting discriminated against for national call ups, just because people might perceive it as jack's players walking onto national teams…case in point - dwarika, who is having a serious resurgence, but still no call up…Still has faith in the technical staff though.

12) JW lambasted the maintenance of the WC 2001 stadia, and the poor state of pitches now…

13) Praised Lincoln Phillips for the work he is doing at the grassroots level, but says that financing is making it very difficult for him to move mountains...

The general jist of the interview was Govt's lack of $$ support. If they don’t come on board now, private companies will be skeptical too.
I rememebr in the celebration rally after the WC, Manning said that 2010 was a national objective, and would spare no effort in helping T&T recognise this. It looks like politics all over again on this one. Jack was real worked up and passionate, he even a couple times say that he getting carried away and need to calm down..Roger Sant was ketching kicks on him a bit.

Will be nice to get a gov't respons to some of these issues...

CRIME STOPPERS: Former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik (left) as he leaves Piarco International Airport yesterday accompanied by United National Congress (UNC) Deputy Political Leader, Jack Warner, who invited the crime expert for a series of discussions on crime in the country.
(2007-01-03) ...Author: VASHTI SINGH

Football / Tiger interview on CNC3 last night
« on: December 20, 2006, 06:55:01 AM »
Anyone in Trini saw this interview with roger sant?

I was extremely impressed with Tiger, this yute is very well spoken, and you could see the passion in the man when he talking about T&T football.

Sometimes Roger Sant ask him a question with only about 5-6 words, and he answer for all of 10 mins, he had a lot on his mind and was definitely using this opportunity to voice his opinion on many things. Some included:

1) He cannot understand the deplorable state of the pitches in the stadia that held the U-17 WC just a few years ago. He says the training pitches are now much better than the stadia pitches, an embarassment for national teams to practise on. He hit out the renting of these grounds for fete matches. In some fairness, Roger S commented that SSFL, Pro-league, Super league etc were using the facilities, with sometimes more than 1 game every 24 hrs, and with plenty rain, that could contribute to the state of the fields as the long season ends. They both agree that renting out the grounds for concerts and fete matches should never happen though.

2) Tiger was talking about the impact Dwight had with the team, in terms of players' rights dealing with adminstration, maybe because of the respact they had for him. he says there are many things going on now that could never go on if he was still actively in the mix, eg. he says players griping cause the TTFF not even providing bandages for players to strap up, if u aint walk with your own, yuh loss out. In general, a very lackadasical, and non professional attitide of everyone involved.

3) He talked about being extremely disappointed about the hype of T&T in germany and perhaps we may have dropped the ball in terms of riding and building on that intensity to carry forward.

4) He was indirectly bashing the new FIFA rankings, but did make a good point that we dropping cause we not playing quality teams. I agree on this, if we play in a WC and cant get decent opposition right after, we dropping the ball. if our coach says we dont have the quality for local players to step up to play these harder games, then that is very worrying for me.

5) Spoke atlength about the politics in US football and how hard it is for caribbean ballers to break through, saying they discriminate against us because of pre-assumptions that we are not intense enough, too laid back, etc etc, plus T&T players usually use the MLS as a stepping stone for europe, so no long term investments there (good point). he talked about how marketing controls football, in that US national team players make 10 times what another player playing the same role and almost same quality makes...US stars are also given automatic picks on teams just for marketing, so if u competeing with a quality US player for a position, chances are u will find it very very hard.

6) Found it sad that some of the T&T players who dod so well in germany havent been offered big career moves, while some other teams with players who didnt do as well as them, ,got some really nice contracts (african players).

7) Was nostalgic about the "way it was" in his days a few years ago, with zonal competitions, feeding national screenings etc etc, much more fan involvement in the games, etc etc.

8) Says that the Digicel cup is of prime importance as T&T ahs to show the caribben that we are undoubtedly the number one team here, coming off the WC appearance.

Football / Allyuh know that we REAAAL lucky
« on: December 12, 2006, 05:23:33 AM »
Check dis...

Our senior MNT has qualified for a WC and done pretty well, better than most would have expected to be honest. We were not over run at any point really. The core of that team remains intact for the next few years, so we lucky for that.

But what is going on with all the other age groups fo our football?

Historically, we have been whipping boys for CONCACAF at youth level (except the 1990 team that qualified for Portugal 91). I am now seeing that we cannot even get out of the Caribbean zones and into the final CONCACAF zones anymore. maybe we have to start back petitioning to host these zones again like in the past, it may be our only way back to that level.
Even when we do make it to the likes of Costa Rica and the USA, it is not uncommon to get a breezy 5 in we kankalang.

Besides the U17 win vs jamaica a couple months ago, I think we have lost like 8 in a row vs jamaica at all levels (senior, club, U20, U17 and the U15 competitions, even the all star schooboys, who I think have never even beaten the Ja schoolboys in the last 3 years).

Nobody has lambasted the health of our football more than me over the last year, even during our germany hype, which I still maintain is a very deceiving smoke screen for reality. It seems that in years gone by, we were consistently better at all levels when we were were not qualifying for the WC!

So taking that into consideration (the health of our football at all levels excluding the senior MNT), it seems a minor miracle that T&T has actually qualified for a WC at this time.

I hope we dont live on this hype for the next 2 years, cause to be honest, we could be heading for further trouble. I looking at our first round group in the Digicel Cup, and still maintain that T&T should very easily qualify for the Gold Cup, but if we stick, we could get some serious grief.

I am very confident that our first choice MNT team is by far the best in the region, and perhaps in the top 3 or 4 in CONCACAF, but after this team, the gap and difference in quality is very worrying.

Thank God for Germany 2006, cause based on merit and football health, we are very very lucky have gotten a very good coach to bring out the best in some of our players and make the qualification drive.

Football / Calling Sub1
« on: November 19, 2006, 10:19:30 AM »
WHat are your thoughts on coach WIM?

I didnt use to take u on too much in early 2K5 when u was one of the few men who start calling for BSC head and posting some very relevant and intelligent posts, but u made a lot of us, myself included, eat humble pie.

U think WIm is the right man for the job, or too early to tell?

Football / Do u all think we should forget about Jason Scotland?
« on: November 17, 2006, 02:38:21 PM »
I am playing devil's advocate here....

What has Scottie tangibly contributed to the senior men's team in the last few years?

He usually comes on as a sub on the left wing...but never really scoring.

Is he an out and out striker or attacking winger?

I find he like Mervin Dillon, big, strong and full of raw talent, energy and power, but does not live up to his potential.

Scottie if u reading this, nothing personal, but we all know u have so so much more to offer man.

On the other side of the coin, Colin Samuel is starting to show signs of waking up...

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