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Author Topic: Express and Guardian Jabloteh reports  (Read 2743 times)

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Express and Guardian Jabloteh reports
« on: March 17, 2005, 07:40:33 PM »
Alright fellas look what the papers saying!

Express report


A NOT so friendly pre-season warm-up match saw three footballers from CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh sent off by referee Ramesh Ramdhan as the visiting New York/New Jersey Metrostars twice rallied from behind to beat the former local champions 3-2 on Tuesday night at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.

The game was arranged to cement a relationship which began last year when the Metrostars signed Jabloteh forward Cornell Glen. That arrangement resulted in a battle on Tuesday night.

Unable to match the speed and skill of the local players and seemingly willing to appreciate that this was just a preseason match, the Americans were the main instigators of the rough tackling.

And while Referee Ramesh Ramdhan failed to put an end to the rough stuff, it escalated further when the Jabloteh players started to retaliate. Eventually the rough action resulted in an all out brawl in the second half. When the fracas ended, Jabloteh substitute Michael Celestine had received a second yellow card for retaliating in the 71st minute, taking Jabloteh's toll of players sent off to three, following the earlier dismissals of both Trent Noel and Charles Pollard.

Midfielder Noel and Guyanese Pollard, a new signing from North East Stars, were both sent off in the 68th minute.

Charles got the first of two yellow cards when retaliating, after he was the victim of a dangerous tackle imposed on him by Metrostars' Tim Ward. Trent Noel put in an equally rough tackle on one of the Americans to earn a straight red card. And when Pollard put in a wrong word to Ramdhan, he too was sent for an early shower. Celestine, who had received some roughing up earlier, followed two minutes later after he brought down another of the Metrostars and received a second yellow card as well. Ramdhan also dished out cautions to Michael Bradley, Amado Guevara and Sereio Galvanrey of the Metrostars.

Before the dismissals, the teams were balanced 2-2, with Jabloteh looking the

more likely to win. Midfielder Kerry Baptiste gave them a 26th minute lead when sweeping in a crossball which defender Tim Ward failed to clear.

But two minutes later, striker John Wolyniec levelled the scores at 1-1 after banging a rebound past Daurance Williams in the Jabloteh goal. Gilberto Flores had breached Jabloteh's right flank and hit a crisp shot, which Williams parried straight to John Wolyniec in the centre of the penalty area.

A minute into the second session, Jamaican Nicholas Addlery, a new Jabloteh recruit, outpaced the Metrostars backline and slipped the ball under the dive of the Metrostars keeper Zach Wells to put his team into a 2-1 lead. They might well have gone further ahead had substitute Josh Johnson slipped the ball wide to strike partner Devon Mitchell instead of shooting to goal. Instead, the Metrostars broke on the counter-attack through Flores on the right flank and his short pass picked out Wolyniec, who lifted the ball past Williams to level the game at 2-2 in the 61st minute.

Jabloteh turned up the pressure, coming close through Mitchell and Trent Noel, before the sendings off. To add salt to their wounds, substitute Mark Lisi drilled a low, hard shot past Williams from long range in the 86th minute to give the Metrostars a 3-2 lead and victory.

Guardian Report


 Forward Mark Lisi and his New York/New Jersey MetroStars teammates capitalised on the sending off of three CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh players to record a come-from-behind 3-2 win.

The match, the second of a double-header at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Mucurapo, was supposed to be a friendly, but from early on it was evident that international referee Ramesh Ramdan would be in for a torrid time and by the end of the 90 minutes Ramdan had dished out eight yellow and three red cards.

Unluckily for Jabloteh, three of their players were the ones who saw red—defender Charles Pollard, midfielder Trent Noel and second-half substitute Michael Celestine.

Despite the fast-paced start to the match, the teams were each limited to one real attempt at goal—Jabloteh through Otis Seaton on the 15-minute mark, and the MetroStars seven minutes later through striker John Wolyniec.

Jabloteh eventually went ahead 1-0 in the 26th minute through an alert Kerry Baptiste, who was one of their best players that night, together with Seaton.

Baptiste fired home a low shot past Wells, after defender Tim Ward failed to clear a Nigel Pierre centre from the left side.

Wolyniec answered with the equaliser just three minutes later, hammering a Gilberto Flores rebound past goalie Daurance Williams. Flores was sent through down the right side by Amado Guevara before Williams denied him.

Sergio Galvin Rey had a chance to give MetroStars the lead on the half-hour mark but his volley from a Wolyniec left-sided centre, was kept out by the feet of Williams.

Two minutes into the second-half, Jabloteh regained the lead when a Pierre flick-on from a right side throw-in just over the half-line, put the ball into the path of Nicholas Addlery, the home team’ speedy Jamaican forward.

Addlery held of the challenge of two retreating defenders and slipped the ball into the far corner of the net for a 2-1 lead.

Jabloteh coach Michael Grayson then made a number of substitutions which seemed to upset the chemistry of his team while the MetroStars coach Bob Bradley also introduced fresh-legs into the match.

Josh Johnson, one of Jabloteh’s substitutes, got the ball into the net in the 57th minute, but the play was ruled off-side.

Wolyniec then almost tied the score for the second time, but his left-footed shot from an acute angle was bravely put around the post for a corner kick by a diving Keyeno Thomas, who needed treatment afterwards for taking the ball on his stomach.

The burly Wolyniec made no mistake with his next chance at goal, as he skilfully glanced an angled pass from Galvan Rey over the outstretched Williams, into the top left of the goal in the 61st minute.

The match then turned extremely physical, with Pollard and Guevara being cautioned in the 73rd minute after a minor scrimmage.

Pollard soon got marching orders for a second offence—a brutal sliding tackle on MetroStars defender Ademir Dos Santos—and he was joined by teammate Trent Noel, who drew the wrath of Ramdan for verbal dissent.

The visitors capitalised on their two-man advantage minutes later as Mark Lisi, a 64th-minute replacement for Michael Bradley, blasted home the match winner from 25 yards, leaving Williams with no chance.

Soon after, a frustrated Celestine picked up his second yellow card, which left Jabloteh to finish the match with eight players.

In the night’s opener, Jabloteh’s Under-16s crushed the national women’s team 9-0.

MetroStars will end their two-match friendly series in Trinidad with a match against VIBE CT 105 W Connection at the Manny Ramjohn Stadium in Marabella tomorrow from 7 pm.


MetroStars: Zach Wells, Tim Ward (Chris Corcoran 59th), Carlos Mendes, Jeff Parke, Chris Leitch (Ademir Dos Santos 69th), Amado Guevara capt. (Pierre Bazie 76th), Michael Bradley (Mark Lisi 64th), Gilberto (Tim Regan 45th), Mahktar N'Diaye (Osni Neto 59th), John Wolyniec, Sergio Galvan Rey.

Subs not used: Jason Hernandez, Seth Stammler, Ramon Bailey, TJ Tomasson,

San Juan Jabloteh: Daurance Williams, Charles Pollard, Trent Noel, Keyeno Thomas, Angus Eve (Travis Mulraine 64th), Kerry Baptiste (Michael Celestine 59th), Nicholas Addlery (Josh Johnson 59th), Nigel Daniel (Devin Mitchell 59th), Ansil Elcock, Nigel Pierre, Aurtis Whitley (Nigel Codrington 78th, Marcelle Francois 86th).

Subs not used: Brian James, Vernon Bailey, Dexter Franklyn.



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Re: Express and Guardian Jabloteh reports
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2005, 08:49:19 PM »
So let me get this straight:

• Jabloteh played a non-competitive match
• They played against an MLS team
• Said MLS team isn't even the best in its league
• Said MLS team is in it's off season
• Jabloteh was successfiully baited into losing its composure and getting 3 red cards
• Williams, Thomas, Eve, Elcock and Pierre are all past or present National team payers
• Jabloteh lost

What's your point again?

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Re: Express and Guardian Jabloteh reports
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2005, 03:37:05 AM »
Touches what kinda picture is dat?  Trini like to see bumsee and lash punkee. :D

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Re: Express and Guardian Jabloteh reports
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2005, 07:05:30 AM »
Maybe we need to look at Grayson, the new Jabloteh coach. The way Touches excited about this Team 's performance. Yet on one of the reports the writer did say that Grayson's substitutions changed the chemistry of the team.
I went to school with Grayson,he was not good at Chemistry.

Otis Seaton, whatever is his real name is a boss player. he and Jemmott need to be harnassed. We have to groom players not look to the past .
Latapy did is a great favour by not playing.

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For Rocwell the point is
« Reply #4 on: March 18, 2005, 03:22:10 PM »

My point is even doe jabloteh lorse they look like they have an idea.

The warriors losing and they looking hopeless.

They losing against teams that are not the best in the region, they losing against Antigua in friendly, they losing in digicell and in WCQ. Me ent know how you compare teams but they have no way Antigua, Bdos, St kitts or St Vincent better than the shittiest MLS side.

Funny enough your second to last point about past or present national players just confirms a hypothesis I have, if they could look so good when playing for club why when they play for TT they does purge down deyself.

Lemme spell it out and stop beating round the bush for alyuh who playing blind.........BERTIE ENT HAVE A F!^&king CLUE.

I know you trying hard to find a excuse or defend this warriors team but the fact is they playing shit. I sorry if I get excited by jabloteh....... I see something that I wish was replicated in our national team in all areas. I also see some players who if bertie wasnt in charge woulda be on the national team today.

I just want the TT team do well. if you was in the Jab game you wouldnt of ask them kinda questions and play you looking for answers. Doe try to figure out the jokeyness and mickey mouse that is TT football, just accept and move on. Accept we shitty, accept we making the same mistakes and accept is only prayers or a miracle could get us to Germany in the state we in. I see a brand of ball on Tuesday that look like it could beat side. When last I check TT ent play nuttin that look like it beating anybody period.

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Re: Express and Guardian Jabloteh reports
« Reply #5 on: March 18, 2005, 11:32:14 PM »
Touches, ah does feel sorry for Bertille, I was a staunch supporter but meh hope and confidence fading with every match we play.  He and dem footballers looking wutless not tail!


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